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Thread: What ever happened to................

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    As far as I am aware:

    Razer now do mainly demos and so picking up damage from combat events aint really ideal if they have a demo the next day and their claw aint working

    The Hypnodisc guys I believe took a break and intended on coming back in Series 8 but since such a series never materialised, they didnt

    Chaos 2 I think just plain retired (as Mike said). Although George Francis had a robot with him at the 2005 UKRG but I never saw it running (I think it was for tug-of-war or something along those lines) and Chaos 2 was on display there.
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    Sigh...I really miss those guys...:sad:

    Eh well, maybe theyll come overseas to our science center to display Chaos & da boys...I can dream, cant I?

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    Evil Weevil?

    In Series 7, Kim Davis had to leave the team to work as a technical assistant on the show, so the Panic Attack team was changed, now with Evil Weevils Kevin Pritchard at the controls.

    What happened to the robot... unknown.
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