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Thread: Formula 1 and Other Motorsport 2006

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    ive a funny feeling jaques villeneuve will go very well today. dont ask me why, but high points, maybe even 4th or 5th? hell, even a podium if fisi and alonso take each other out.

    am i the only one who thinks webber if far too overrated? excuses after excuses, whens he going to deliver this promise i keep hearing about? wouldnt be so bad but even newboy nico is killing him regularly. (regardless of nicos talent, webber has years of experience o him, he should not be so far behind all the time)
    and when he does have a good day? how many times has webber run people off the track and crashed into others? i will be gutted if great drivers like anthony davidson and alex wurtz still cant get seats while empty promises like webber take up good seats and do noting with them

    rant over

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    Interesting race. Marbles on the hairpin caused some action on the last few laps. My mum thinks that Truli should have his licence suspended as he seems to hold people up a lot. He is the Capt Slow of F1.

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    C5 Wed morning from 1.50am.... NASCAR..Indy Car...Race and Rally U.K....Aussie V8s. If you are up to watch it, or set your video.

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    Colne, Lancashire
    Some days (Mon-Fri & weekends) I wish people on motorways would get their licence suspended for holding others up. Come to think of it A & B roads as well!

    In order for me to get to work in 1 hour I need to average 50mph. Doesnt sound much when 42 miles is motorway, 4 miles at 60mph, 2 miles at 50mph, and 2 miles at 30mph, should be easy. But with all the lane hoggers, site seers and rubberneckers its hard to weave in and out of them quick enough

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    Yup, F1 results

    Canada Top 8
    1: Alonso (1st Canada rostrum and 4th win on the bounce)
    2: M.Schumacher (Gifted 2nd when Kimi got caught on the marbles at the hairpin)
    3: Raikkonen (Did he feel at home on the marbles on the hairpin?)
    4: Fisichella (Drive-thru for jump start puts paid to possible podium)
    5: Massa (Concerted 1-stop pays off)
    6: Trulli (1st points of the year)
    7: Heidfeld (Held it all together)
    8: Coulthard (Beat Button to final point)

    15: Sato (Pushed too hard and hit the wall on last lap)
    16: Villeneuve (Tried to lap R.Schumacher at Turn 7 but hit the wall)
    17: R.Schumacher (Grip problems saw Ralf 10s a lap slower then fastest lap)
    18: Montoya (Hit wall of champions)
    19: Barrichello (Engine seized)
    20: Montagny (Engine failure)
    21: Rosberg (Collided with Montoya and wall on lap 2)
    22: Albers (Taken out by team-mate Monteiro)

    Drivers Championship (Round 9/1
    1: Alonso (84)
    2: M.Schumacher (59)
    3: Raikkonen (39)
    4: Fisichella (37)
    5: Massa (2
    6: Montoya (26)
    7: Button (16)
    8: Barrichello (13)
    9: Heidfeld (12)
    10=: Coulthard & R.Schumacher (
    12: Villeneuve (7)
    13: Webber (6)
    14: Rosberg (4)
    15: Trulli (3)
    16: Klien (1)

    Constructors Championship (Round 9/1
    1: Renault (121)
    2: Ferrari (87)
    3: McLaren (65)
    4: Honda (29)
    5: BMW (19)
    6: Toyota (11)
    7: Williams (10)
    8: Red Bull (9)

    Next stop is the scene of the most farcical race of 2005 and all time, Indianapolis. Bernie Ecclestone recently claimed F1 can do without the USA. Question: Will F1 avoid lasts year shambolic 6-car parade. I hope so, race day on Sunday July 2nd on ITV1 at 5pm.

    Forgot I past post no.1000

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    Next stop is the scene of the most farcical race of 2005 and all time, Indianapolis

    on one of the most farcical tracks. the infield is so mickey mouse it is a disgrace it is allowed to be used for F1.

    Leguna Seca would get my vote for US GP

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    Yup and that is where MotoGP will be staged in 2 weeks time. But motorcycle racing aside (and World Cup too), here they are, better late then never, the US GP results.

    US GP Top 8
    1: M.Schumacher (Usual Ferrari tactics and good Bridgstone tyres aid Michael to victory)
    2: Massa (Career best result, what chance a Brazilian GP victory later in the year? Well if the title fight is still going by then, none)
    3: Fisichella (Top Michelin runner, outpaced Alonso all weekend)
    4: Trulli (Driver of the day after pit-lane start)
    5: Alonso (Struggled all weekend with understeer and oversteer, prehaps he should see Martin Brundle on how to nip that in the bud )
    6: Barrichello (Scores Hondas 1st points since Monaco)
    7: Coulthard (More points for Red Bull)
    8: Liuzzi (Beats Rosberg to score Toro Rossos 1st point)

    10: R.Schumacher (Wheel bearing failure)
    11: Albers (Lost drive)
    12: Villeneuve (Engine blow up)
    13: Monteiro (Damage from being hit by Sato)
    14: Sato (Hit Monteiro)
    15: Button (Retired with damage from Turn 2 chaos with Montoya)
    16: Raikkonen (Hit by Montoya)
    17: Heidfeld (Thrown into a triple roll by Button who in turn got hit by Montoya)
    18: Montoya (Hit Raikkonen, Button & Speed)
    19: Webber (Caught up in Turn 1 incident)
    20: Speed (Hit by Button who in turn was hit by Montoya)
    21: Klien (Hit by Montagny)
    22: Montagny (Hit Klien)

    F1 Drivers Chmapionship (Round 10/1
    1: Alonso (8
    2: M.Schumacher (69)
    3: Fisichella (43)
    4: Raikkonen (39)
    5: Massa (36)
    6: Montoya (26)
    7=: Barrichello & Button (16)
    9: Heidfeld (12)
    10: Coulthard (10)
    11=: R.Schumacher & Trulli (
    13: Villeneuve (7)
    14: Webber (6)
    15: Rosberg (4)
    16=: Klien & Liuzzi (1)

    F1 Constructors (Round 10/1
    1: Renault (131)
    2: Ferrari (105)
    3: McLaren (65)
    4: Honda (32)
    5: BMW (19)
    6: Toyota (16)
    7: Red Bull (11)
    8: Williams (10)
    9: Toro Rosso (1)

    Next stop, Magny Cours next weekend, yup in the middle of France but in terms of where in France, nowhere.

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    BIG F1 NEWS!! Juan Pablo Montoya has left F1, the Columbian announced on Sunday he was leaving for the NASCAR Nextel Cup in 2007 but after disscussions with boss Ron Dennis, a mutual agreement was made and Montoya split with the team to get in practice for his next stop in motorsport. McLaren test driver and former Arrows & Jaguar driver Pedro de la Rosa will replace Montoya for the rest of the season as of Magny Cours this weekend, de la Rosa hoping to convince McLaren to sign him as Alonsos team-mate for next season over fellow tester Gary Paffett and GP2 frontrunner Lewis Hamilton. So as Montoya heads back to the States where he made his name before racing in F1 (he tested in F1 before going to the States), heres a run down of Montoyas F1 career.

    2001 (Debuted Australia)
    Team: Williams BMW
    No. of Pole Positions: 3 (Hockenheim, Spa & Monza)
    No. of Wins: 1 (Monza)
    No. of Fastest Laps: 4 (Nurburgring, Hockenheim, Indianapolis and Suzuka)
    Championship Score: 31 points (6th)

    Team: Williams BMW
    No. of Pole Positions: 7 (Interlagos, Monaco, Montreal, Nurburgring, Silverstone, Magny Cours & Monza)
    No. of Wins: N/A, Best Result 2nd (Albert Park, Sepang, Catalunya & Hockenheim)
    No. of Fastest Laps: 3 (Sepang, Interlagos and Montreal)
    Championship Score: 50 points (3rd)

    Team: Williams BMW
    No. of Pole Positions: 1 (Hockenheim)
    No. of Wins: 2 (Monaco & Hockenheim)
    No. of Fastest Laps: 3 (Magny Cours, Hockenheim & Hungaroring)
    Championship Score: 82 points (3rd)

    Team: Williams BMW
    No. of Pole Positions: N/A, Best Grid Slot 2nd (Catalunya, Hockenheim, Monza & Interlagos)
    No. of Wins: 1 (Interlagos)
    No. of Fastest Laps: 2 (Sepang & Interlagos)
    Championship Score: 58 points (5th)

    Team: McLaren Mercedes
    No. of Pole Positions: 2 (Monza & Spa)
    No. of Wins: 3 (Silverstone [I wuz there], Monza & Interlagos)
    No. of Fastest Laps: 1 (Istanbul)
    Championship Score: 60 points (4th)

    Team: McLaren Mercedes
    Best Grid Slot: 4th (Monaco)
    Best Result: 2nd (Monaco)
    No. of Fastest Laps: N/A
    Championship Score: 26 points (6th*)

    *Position subject to change later in the season

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    it would be nice if Lewis Hamilton progresses with this turn of events. Hes been groomed for a Mclaren role for years now, so it would be great to see JPM leaving giving Lewis a shot. Lets face it, JPM arriving is what set Jenson back for years, so maybe the overated, and frankly annoying columbian can help a british drivers career by leaving the sport.

    I said it when he went to the states from F3/3000, and Ill say it again, montoya is a brute, and has no finese in his style at all. he is a dirty driver, and almost as overated as Webber, in my humble opinion. There are much better drivers ready to take his place, like Pedro, but for the longer term i hope Lewis is given a shot.

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    Grid for tommorrows French GP as follows.

    Magny Cours Grid
    1: M.Schumacher
    2: Massa
    3: Alonso
    4: Trulli
    5: R.Schumacher
    6: Raikkonen
    7: Fisichella
    8: de la Rosa
    9: Coulthard
    10: Webber
    11: Heidfeld
    12: Klien
    13: Barrichello
    14: Speed
    15: Albers
    16: Liuzzi
    17: Villeneuve
    18: Button
    19: Rosberg
    20: Monteiro
    21: Montagny
    22: Sato

    Shame bout Button but Honda are letting him down. Ah well, HAPPY 19TH TO ME!!

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