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Thread: DRG - GameExpo/HCC 25-27 nov 2005

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    DRG - GameExpo/HCC 25-27 nov 2005 &
    25, 26, 27 nov
    Jaarbeurs, Utrecht (Nl)
    GameExpo/HCC dagen (= 100.000 visitors)
    Full-contact-competition for Heavy, Feather and Raptor. Heavy-spinners depending on Polycarb-thickness.
    New steel arena (6x6 meter)
    Friday: play day
    Saturday and Sunday: competition

    Entering from next weekend. More info to follow later.

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    Cant make much sense of the website links :sad: Doesnt seem to mention anything about robots, but would be a much needed boost for full combat if it goes ahead.

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    It´s only official since this morning, so it wouldn´t be on it yet.

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