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Thread: Metal gears?

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    Hi all,

    Im using a Hitec HS-81 for the lifting arm in Mr Moose at the moment but I keep striping the final gear in the gearbox (the one the servo horn atatches to) does anyone know if its possible to get metal gears for this servo? Or any servo for that matter? If theres servos out there with the same or simaler dimenshions to the HS-81 that comes with metal gears let me know about it

    The gear looks to have around 31 teeth and is about 10mm in diamater. I carnt messure this properly though as all the gears are cream crackered. Thanks


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  3. Perfect!

    Now, were can I buy one? As my local model shop dont have an awfull lot of stuff at the moment as they are changing managment etc. Do you know of an online shop that stocks the metal vershion?

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    About midway down dave -

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    Or a couple of quid cheaper -

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    Dave if the servo is modified (i.e. past the normal 60degrees of rotation) you cannot use the metal gears as its a half gear i.e. 1/2teeth other 1/2 flat and smooth. Your best bet would be to go to something like the Sd200 from futaba. Virtualy impossible to strip, slightly lighter and easy to speed hack should you wish to.

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    Yup its modified for 360, speed mods arnt required.

    What advantage will the Sd200 give me? more tourqe? You know the dimenshions? I need something with the same dimenshion as the HS-81, just more reliable- Whats your suggestion?

    Thanks Ewan, theres alot of servos there!

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    I used HS81s on diced carrot, and converted to metal gears, using the metal gear kit, sussex models used to stock it, not cheap though.
    You can use the metal setup even though the final drive isnt 360, as if you look through the other gears youll find a thinner one that matches the final drive, the smaller gear that is fixed to this fits inside the nylon part of the final drive, and bobs yer uncle... works best if you are doing a speed mod at the same time, or youll need 4 gear kits!!
    That reads really badly, give me a bell if you are interested, and Ill try and dig out a photo...
    What it might be worth saying is that after a couple of lon fights this set up burnt out the motors on diced carrot (modelworld 2002?), I reckoned after it was a lot of bother, and used another motor set.

    pics of sweet little DC here:

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    The Sd 200 is simply a better made servo. It does not strip as a rule. I have put it through hell and still not had a strip. I have had a motor go before the gears stripped.

    The dimensions are on one of those pages.

    Heres a copy and paste:
    SD200 Mini-Ballraced




    Cheep too at only 12.95.

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    Thanks Ian.

    Rob, Did you speed mod the servo that did the lifting aswell as metal gears then? How much was it per Kit? I might go for the SD200 then, As im guessing it weighs less then the metal option.

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