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Thread: Youth Competition at the RAF

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    At this years Royal International Air Tattoo, Along with our main show, Roaming Robots are running a Youth Challenge.

    Open to under 16s, tech clubs, schools, and colleges, the challenge is to build a robot to complete our challenge.

    More info can be found on the website, or follow this link...

    We have also opened this up for older roboteers which fancy a challenge, however we are primarily interested in under 16s.


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    why not say only under sixteens can drive the things ...

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    kane's Avatar

    Because us roboteers like to play on a level playing field :-)
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    By all means, if you want to build a machine, but enter an under 16 as the driver and captain, then so much the better !!!

    I might do the same.


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    are we talking about our actual age or mental age? as jonnos already fits the under 16 catagory!

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    shhhhhhh the raf might read this !!!

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    botmad's Avatar

    i can enter two .........hehehe... shane and jess
    but they will only break down :-(

    the robots i

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    lol u meaning us jonno?

    Already decided not to enter, two trips down south on consecutive weekends is a bit much!

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    well you should just stay down this end inbetween.

    Fancy living all that way up north anyway... !!!


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