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Thread: DRG website and forum

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    Due to financial problems of our Internet Service Provider (!) the DRG website ( and our forum cannot be reached at the moment. We hope all paperwork and reconnecting the wires will be done as soon as possible. Until then we are off-line, Im afraid.

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    Yes, this is what you get when you visit the website:


    Because of a bankrupty of our service provider, we are reinstalling the server running this website on a new location. Unfortunately we were only informed about this when this server was already disconnected. We also were not allowed physical access to the server, so yesterday evening we have installed a new server at a different service provider.
    You are now looking at a page on the new server.
    Our former service provider has promised to bring our old server (temporarily) online this afternoon, so we can move alle websites and other data to our new server. If that fails we will physically move the server to our office and start the relocation tonight.

    We are sorry we are forced to use this emergency scenario, but we were not informed by our service provider of any problem and even yesterday there seemed to be no possibility to decisive action. We will try to have full online functionality before midnight (10th of february).

    Dont think this does not happen with big companies as well... the one I worked for a couple of years ago got its European website AND our internet access (emails too...) temporarely closed by such a stupid thing for a day or 2. Mind you, the company did all its sales by internet ! We couldnt find out what happend until a day later, couldnt get online again fast enough and were talking thousands of dollars in losses here... So you could say I hate it with a passion when a provider doesnt tell its clients that there may be problems soon.

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    forum werkt niet vandaag.

    niks werkt vandaag.

    zelfs ik niet.

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    Hope this helps.

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    hi guys just being a pain once again just ignore me

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    We will

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