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Thread: DRG website and forum

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    hi guys, when is your next event? would be nice to come over some time with Venom

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    At the end of this month (the 29th) we will have a event for DRG and GRA feathers, raptors, and antweights.

    It will be held in the workshop of Mischa from team PCP (Pulverizer), in Anna Paulowna.

    There wont be an audience, it is a internal club competition. UK roboteers are of course welcome to join if they want, but for a small 1 day club event we will not be to heavily disappointed if you dont.

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    sounds like fun but im busy with shows through out june and july. anything after that? when are your major championships?

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    So far we have none in planning.

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    ok let me know when anything is happening cheers leo

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    forum werkt niet vandaag, site ook niet?

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    niks werkt van drg vandaag.

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    sorry had to d it

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    We know you did Shane.

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