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Thread: Mechanibals

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    *confused* I thought there was something called Mechanibals on Channel 4 a while back

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    IWC Media are currently looking for exceptionally talented,
    mechanically minded families for their new BBC 2 show, Mechannibals.
    having seen your website and your robot I thought that this might be
    something you could be interested in.

    Essentially the show can be thought of as a cross between Robot Wars
    and Scrapheap Challenge Two households will go head to head
    designing and building inventions using only the materials available to
    them within the confines of their own property.

    Each household will be required to pull out all the stops in order to
    find the components necessary to build their inventions. The show is
    about using seemingly everyday household items (including electrical
    appliances) in different and often incongruous ways. This might mean
    taking apart the cars ignition system to get at a vital solenoid or
    plundering the washing machine for its motor! For those who take the
    leap, big prizes are on offer. But neither side will go home empty
    handed. It promises to be an exciting and original show.

    We are trying to get two households from the same area, so it would
    improve your chances of being picked for the show if a similar household
    could be located close by.

    Although we are looking for family teams (three per team) were not
    going to police it too tightly so dont worry too much about asking
    that capable distant cousin; by all means use him. To give the show a
    broad scope we would prefer it if one of the team members was in their
    teens or early 20s. It would also be beneficial if you had some
    outdoor space attached to the house, and a garage/ shed - containing
    more machines to plunder!

    If you think you might be interested please give me a call. I have
    attached a flyer that you might want to take a look at / distribute
    among your friends.


    Simon Laidlaw

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    Very interesting

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    anyone want to watch the pilot programme?

    It is very funny and well worth a watch. Also good fun to make. It might also give you poor lot ideas as to what the show is about.


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    Mike, also interested although that flyer doesnt do much to encourage people to take part.

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