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Thread: Mechanibals

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    Who else is doing this show?


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    Oh dear Karoline. What a pickle you are. Ok, yes, I am doing it. It is being filmed next weekend. Well, Thur the 17th of March to the 20th of March.

    Again, it looks as if if it is going to be fun. Some of you orrible lot recieved the pilot show that Simon Smith and myself helped make. So you know how much fun its going to be.


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    ive not seen the pilot show yet :sad:, does this mean you wont be joining us for the social mike ?,

    Who else is doing this show? no one asked us we feel most left out sounds like fun from what si was saying

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    kane's Avatar

    We should be... Just waiting for them to confirm the date...
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    Good luck this weekend Kane.


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    Weve just finished our episode this weekend, twas great fun


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    Alan from Pussycat was filmed last week on one of the shows helping a team or something. They had to build a machine to cut a cake and serve it on a plate and play happy birthday i think or something. Sounded really good from what he said, cant wait to see it on TV.

    Mr Stu

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