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Thread: Mechanibals

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    Thanks Karoline

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    kane's Avatar

    What a brilliant review! Really brings out the heart of what the program is about!

    Girl (on discovering that her bed had been taken to pieces): Where am I going to sleep tonight?
    Man: Well find somewhere
    Girl: Im not sleeping on the floor! And Im not sleeping on the camping bed!
    Man: There is another option.
    Girl: Whats that?
    Man: You could move out....

    Yes mate, I think she will. Best of all, shell hate you for being an utter freak.
    Kane Aston

    Co-owner and builder of BEHEMOTH

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    Kody, there are links to all the episodes on the previous page of this thread courtesy of Kane - just checked them earlier and they all still seem to be active

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    Ah, but of course. How silly of me. Thanks for that, Jamie.

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    On UKTV Doc now (it looks like the whole series).

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    Mechanibals was on Dave tonight (6.30pm?), first episode with Grim Reaper lads destroying the shed.

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    see mike lambert the other night on it again, i love waching the husbands get a roastin for cutting bits of their houses ! i got it in the neck enough when i flipped our old washing mashine, i had forgotten to take off the door and that hit the ceiling and smashed !

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