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Thread: Repeats of robot wars

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    Thanks Adrian!

    *glances at clock*

    *runs off*

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    lol my sisters on the phone to her mate and was watching robot wars on sky one but he doesnt know we have been on it as she thinks its embarrassing lol

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    Series 3 on Bravo 2 atm.

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    on Bravo 2 now, series 4 i think, Tiberious just been on, Sam looked about 10!

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    just forced my sis to record both the ones that are on today

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    I don't have Bravo2 but glad to know RW is back on TV. Watch it for me, people!

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    For those that don't know, RW Extreme 2 is on Dave, weekdays at 11am, guessing for the rest of the school holidays.

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