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    I told you to get put on your T Shirt John. LOL!!!

    You mean spare bits of Thor - which for the first time ever, Jason needed that weekend in Kings Lynn while that show was being filmed! LOL!

    Mr Stu

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    oh yeah, must say thanks to mr thor dude for lending me the ram, shame i had to give it back, i had big plans for a nice hammer, to hit him with

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    Loved the look of the sand diggers on tonights episode, am tempted to have a go myself - although if I attempt to dig up my local beach, I fear I may become contaminated with some sort of radioactive substance

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    Who was the last competitor in the high jump/triple jump? It was the blue one. I cant remember!


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    Werent they called The Leapers, or something like that? There was Leap of Faith, Dick and Diarmuids machine, Shaun the Prawn, the rocket one, and i think the blue one was the leapers, but Im not 100% sure


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