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    HI Guys,

    Been asked to put this on here, A new programme for bbc2.

    Problem is the short notice it has given.


    We will be filming in two locations during the October half term and there will be four Challenges to solve:

    Location 1:

    Blackpool beach - next to the North Pier.
    22nd 23rd and 24th October
    These are the two challenges for location 1
    Challenge 1:The Amphibious Sand Mud and Sea Racing Machine
    Build a machine that can travel across hard sand soft sand and water.

    Challenge 2: The Great British Beach Digging Machine
    A sand digging machine - Build a machine that can shift the most amount of wet sand in a limited time.

    Location 2:

    Weston-super-Mare beach lawns- on the beach lawns by the sea front
    29th, 30th and 31st October
    These are the two challenges for location 2
    Challenge 3: The perfect penalty Shoot-out machine
    Build a machine that can score penalties into a football goal. Are you better than Beckham?
    Challenge 4: The Triple Jumping Machine Olympics
    Build a machine that jump the furthest and the highest.

    For further details drop us a line at or alternatively ring the office on 0117 9742424, or contact jonno.

    They are mainly short of triple jumping machines, hence asking me to post this on here, to see if there are any old technogames machines lying around.


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    Firstly how do they expect people to enter if people like us dont know anything about it untill weeks before the event.

    And secondly, it does sound like a cross between the BBC series focusing on War Machines, and a scrapheap challenge rip-off for the BBC, but even now we arent told much so I cant say much there either

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    The BBC is throwing down the gauntlet to industry, schools, universities and anyone who has ever fancied themselves as an inventor or designer. Can you build a machine to beat our challenges and all the other competitors?

    We will be staging four challenges spread over two large events to be filmed during the October half term, and that will form part of a major series to be shown on BBC Two in January 2005.

    Anyone is welcome to enter, or just come and watch.

    The competition is backed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, and will be a family day out. The emphasis is very much on hands-on engineering and fun.

    The presenters are Fearne Cotton (CBBC and Top Of The Pops) and Dick Strawbridge. Dick is a past champion of Scrapheap Challenge and presented the BBC Two series Crafty Tricks of War.

    You are invited to take part and form a team who can design, build and race a machine that can beat the professionals.

    The races will take place on the Saturday and Sunday with the grand finals on the Sunday. Even if you don€™t want to take part in the races, come and see the fun.

    Once we receive your completed form well send you an entry pack to confirm your place in the races.

    Therell be a separate category for under 18s.

    (I just got this off the BBC website, I agree, its a shame program makers cannot see their programs from a different perspective. This event does sound promising on the outline, if only they could make more of it! Even the website for it is rather tiny.)

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    After having read the rules, the BBC seems to not care at-all for the people that they are expecting to enter. It looks like they just want people to turn up to a beach with a strange machine which they tell you to make. They dont seem to mention accomodation, costs, and they even disallow sponsorship for a machine. Seems loopy to me, they should be shot. (*insert smilie with halo here*)

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    4: To enter you are expected to meet all your own costs.
    This includes travel and transport to and from the event, accommodation while at the event and all build costs to make your machine.

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    they expect far too much

    Jonno, can you pass our thoughts onto them?

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