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    well guys,

    im taking part, im doing it for the fun, but maybe thats the kind of person i am.
    No expectations, just something to do.

    the project has been launched for at least a month before finding me, and they are disapointed at the short notice it has given.

    ah well, ill let you all know how it goes, or watch out for it on tv next year.


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    Hi Jonno, Louise pointed this out to me. I didnt even know that it was on the forum.

    You must appreciate that us roboteers have been bloody busy competing in your winter tour.

    Its unfair of you to say I think the problem is that you´ve all been spoilt. Hotels, appearance money left right and centre. remember that appearence fee just pays for the hotel. There is fuel and food for us to pay for as well. And thats twice a month! I do not have that kind of money. I wish I did. Let alone the time that it would take to do something like this.

    Its OK for you to do this, you are after all a professional and its your time to play with.

    I just wish that I had the time and money to do this. I know many other roboteers would also love to do this.

    Maybe if you posted this in the Events section then it may have had a better reading.

    Good luck.


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    er... its abit ironic... ok its amazingly ironic

    But jonno, can people still enter for the penalty shoot out? I wanna kick some other under 18s ass (no, the machine is not designed for the high tolerances of kicking someone in the behind so I guess thats my job )

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    Seems Im in, is anyone else competing?

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    Hmmmm just read this post for the first time and cant believe the comment think the problem is that you´ve all been spoilt. Hotels, appearance money left right and centre, seems a bit insulting to me.
    The current appearance money for most events (expect Edinburgh £100 appaerance fee against £210.00 hotel bill, £70 petrol and then food on top) only covers the hotel fee, so we are still funding petrol, food and repairs to the robots.
    If we arent doing this for fun then I dont know what we are doing it for cause its certainly not money, else we would have stopped a long time ago

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    Guys I tend to agree with Jonno here. Alright it might not cover all expenses but its not long ago we got no money for attending an event.

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