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    have i missed something? whys everybody moaning? at least the BBC still have an interest in this sort of stuff. How can you moan about money? we spend alot more on our bots without getting anything back. remember, they could just not do it!

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    Well not the responce i thought it would get.

    I think the problem is that you´ve all been spoilt. Hotels, appearance money left right and centre.

    Whats happened to the lets do something for fun why are you so sinical ????

    This thread sums up the community in some respects, i wont go on.

    Anyway back to my pool side for more sun, sea and BEER !!!

    Jonno - pondering life in Gran Canaria

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    My problem is that we end up broke while the program can make a profit and the other people that are involved in the program (i.e. presenters) can make lots of dosh. Equally you can say if there werent people as mad as us, these programs wouldnt happen.
    I have to agree with James Dysons view If the world were run by designers, builders, engineers and scientists (not mad ones of course), it would be a much better place

    We can dream cant we?

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    but it didnt stop people attending RW did it? Im sure theres people on here who would be interested in attending, i would like to enter, just for abit of fun, but due to Uni stuff i cant.

    If you dont like the way things like this are run then just dont attend, its as simple as that. But anything that involves engineering on TV cant be a bad thing, can it?

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    Ive no problem with the idea of paying my own way. Appearance money and expenses are nice but theyve never been an essential. Indeed, its not so long ago that many of us were willing to part with hard-earned cash to pay for the privilege of competing in the world championships (and Ewan, I dont remember you moaning as vociferously over that).

    I agree with Alan that anything that involves engineering on TV cant be a bad thing. Indeed anything that can help dispel the false assumption that engineering is boring has got to be good.

    Its just a pity that weve had so little notice.

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    I for one cant afford anything at the moment- I think thats just a side effect of being one of the youngest roboteers around- they (the makers of this program) cant expect lots of under 18s to enter without any financial support for the event- I certainly wouldnt be able to afford it. Talk about trying to include young engineers!

    Im probably just in a bad mood

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    The chances are any younger people will be doing it through school/colleges etc. I cant see money being a big issue as the could easily be built from scrap (remember the good old days of RW?).

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