New Event Notice

Due to the generosity of John Findlay and Ed Hoppitt we can announce that the Roaming Robots arena will be at Billing Aquadrome, Northamptonshire for those of you that want to use your machines next week.

Place - Billing Aquadrome, Northampton, Northamptonshire. - campsite with full facilities plus water sports, bar, go-karts a Fun Fair, amusements, entertainment and places to eat - also close to Northampton for those who want to head into town for their fun !

A special field will be allocated to us, were there to enjoy the week and entertain some of the visitors to Billing as well !

30 robots per day can be accomodated for.
Preference will be given to our European cousins who have already bought their ferry tickets.
Camping is availiable from Monday Am 23/8 until Friday Am 27th.
Arena time will be Tuesday to Thursday. Again preference will be given to teams that attend the arena build party on Monday and the arena take down party on Friday Am.
As usual no spinning discs can be used on heavy weights.
To reserve your Place please use the new thread in live events.

We will use the forum to communicate with you.

Please do not chatter in the thread where you wish to reserve your place, create anothe sub thread, it will keep things clear