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Thread: Calender 2004

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    In the Netherlands and Belgium, Dutch Robot Games organises several small events, mostly demos. Here is the actual list:

    25 july : demo at a small town fair, Molenbeersel (B)
    31 july : clubmeeting Twente University, Enschede (Nl)
    01 aug : demo RW SummerCampus Twente University, Enschede (Nl). Highschool kids build there robots in a week and put them to the test in our arena (with national tv coverage, last year).
    14-15 aug : demo autotuning / computergaming show, Hasselt (B), To Be Confirmed.
    12 sept : demo/clubmeeting at a LAN-party in Ahoy Rotterdam (Nl)
    25 sept : demo Robodock (meeting with artists, sculptures and so on) Rotterdam (Nl), TBC

    I wouldnt advise to travel a long way for this because they are not big shows or hard fights, but when youre in the area, youre always welcome.

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    14-15 aug in Hasselt is confirmed and will go ahead.

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