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Thread: UK Robotic Games

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    UK Robotic? Is Dominic a part of this?

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    I already knew that. But I was just kidding!

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    Try talking to these people.

    They first got mentorn to do the first technogames and would probably help out again. You can mention to them that I suggested you contact them They send a newsletter out to every school in the land and your info could go in it. Im doing an article on robots for their Nov 2004 issue so Ill give you a mention/link if you want.

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    Nope - Nothing to do with me!

    Sounds like a great idea, we had several projects planned for Technogames 04 so at least now well have somewhere to compete with them .... just not convinced about the name.

    I hope it doesn€™t cause too much confusion wingdings>



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