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Thread: UK Robotic Games

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    why not? They are after all some of the best controllers available.


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    very nice mike. tempted to have ago myslef!

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    Ian, oh boy, are you going to get so slapped. In fact slapped sillier that you are already.

    Yes, it will have boxing gloves on. Pual Cooper is kindly donating a pair.

    The other one is already finished however Simon has no decided to build another head for his.

    I use it at 20 psi and event at that pressure its powerful. At 100psi ( not had the courage to wind it up to 10 bar (150 psi)) its awesome!!!!!

    Terry, its a robot designed along the line of Technogames for boxing. It has correct moving arms and is a rough copy of a kneeling human.

    This one is named Nemisis Simons is called K.O.

    They are cheap, simple and easy to make. They are not powerbots nor should they punch too hard. Just a good fun machine.


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