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Thread: *spoilers* Can we stick the review in this thread pl

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    Pity Ed, cos Razer V Storm is one fight id love to see. Perhaps theyll meet up on my fantasy battlebots and robot wars section in fan fiction on this forum.

    Heres my reviews:

    Fight 1

    Hard V Supernova V Spartacus

    A good melee, hard took some damage and immediately broke down :sad:, then it got serious when spartacus showed some toughness and refused to die. It took multiple big hits and lived, but the wheels got jammed on one side and it could only turn in circles. Then supernova backed away and seemed to break down. The refbot began the count but then...supernova back from the dead!! And back to wreck spartacus some more. But then controversy as supernova failed for a second time and spartacus kept on twitching, some think they should have had it but on the basis of damage supernova deserved to go through.

    Fight 2

    Pulverizer V Crushtacean V Snakebite

    Pulverizer started strongest as it caused damage to crustacean and snakebite just broke down early. Crushtacean fought back and then took control and pushed the Dutch machine about at will. Then Snakebite came to life and stupidly attacked Crushtacean, who deservedly took the judges decision.

    Fight 3

    Tornado V Storm 2 V Ansgar 3

    The big German posed problems for the pushers who both couldnt seem to shove it about, but thankfully the German was pitted by a dual assault, after the weapon broke down early on. Then it was a rematch between the boxes and Storm seemed to win on power alone, despite taking damage. A good melee.

    Fight 4

    Tough as Nails V Rawbot V (Typhoon 2)

    This would have been very interesting had Typhoon 2 turned up, as it was it was over very quickly as Tough as Nails broke Rawbot early on. Then...the pit!

    Round 2

    Fight 1

    Supernova V Crushtacean

    Seemed to be close at first as crushtacean came out very aggresively, but then after taking a massive hit stopped on one side. Then a claw was broke and game over. The house robots came in and done some major damage to crushtaceans shell which was a shame as i thought they could have done very well.

    Fight 2

    Storm 2 V Tough as Nails

    In the most entertaining fight of the lot, it was clear that TAN would struggle when faced with the superior push of the Storm, who shoved the Dutch everywhere and broke off the wheel and bent the axle. TAN were spirited though, and despite being shoved about, did not give up, and got some good grabs on Storm 2. But this is what they wanted, and used one of these to edge TAN into the pit. But it got interesting when TAN wouldnt fit easily and for a moment it looked like Storm might go down. But they got traction on the floor and, irony of ironies, TAN in the pit!


    Supernova V Storm 2

    Both had their scares getting here, so it promised to be interesting...

    Storm started stronger when aggressive and got some good slams on Supernova. But they didnt give up and storm took some pusihment. Then Supernova were immobilised on the wall after a deflection from Storm 2 and should have been counted out. Storm thought them dead and attacked shunt, but then they got stacked on the wall. So, controversy. The Refbot freed supernova but not Storm 2, who were knocked off the wall by supernova. Then Storm finished stronger and rammed into supernova repeatedly. The judges went for Storm 2.

    WORLD CHAMPION: Storm 2. Congrats.

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    MC, i am not suggesting any impartiality was afoot but my personal view is that after the Typhoon decision Storm 2 deserved to have one go their way, even if it was a little contraversial. Thats my personal view, you dont have to have it yourself. You may notice in RW a history of judges giving a robot that had previously lost a judges close decisions in the future.

    Also, stacking, whilst not my favourite thing, does seem in most cases to constitute an immobilisation. Case in point was Mean Streak V SMIDSY earlier this series, when mean streak was counted out after a typical stacking. I can see your view though, stacking appears to be a definite grey area.

    I have to agree though, when 2 robots are freed its best - more fight action!

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    1)Is Hard the most unreliable robot ever? Besides flippa of course.

    I think that little attack on Hard is a pretty unjust comment. If youll remember, it made it through Round 1 of its UK Heat quite comfortably, and the same goes for its WC qualifier with Riptilion.
    Besides, with a 2-2 record in 1 UK War, Hard has had a better combat record than a great deal of other machines that have competed over the years.

    Also, has anyone noticed that in all the big international events in RW, the British have won virtually every one? I sense another conspirasy theory

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    Steve, i could not resist that either - its the UK all the way, but thats a good thing.

    Conspiracy?? Doubtful. Contoversy?? Yes. Its never far away in RW. For more information, read the above thread.

    Also, i feel now i was a little harsh on hard (almost rhymes!) i take that back. Just that after the UK performance i expected stronger.

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    quoteDoes impartiality not come into the equation? The judges awarded Storm II with the win because their decision in the Seventh Wars was incorrect - if this is the case then I am concerned about the various adjudicating criterion!/quote

    This happened twice in the 4th war, with Firestorm and Stinger both winning a controversial decison and then losing one in a later fight to make up for it. (Firestorms was possibly coincidental and/or result of editing, but Stingers definitely wasnt)

    quote1)Is Hard the most unreliable robot ever? Besides flippa of course. /quote

    And Mortis, Razer, Killerhurtz etc. etc.

    quoteMost controversial decisions/quote

    Heres a ton:

    Mortis vs. Recyclopse (1st)
    Napalm vs. Demolition Demon (2nd)
    Big Brother vs. Ultor (3rd)
    Darke Destroyer vs. T II (3rd)
    King B vs. 101 (3rd)
    Gravedigger vs. Steg-o-saw-us (3rd)
    Hypnodisc vs. 101 (3rd)
    Firestorm vs. Bolt from the Blue (4th)
    Firestorm vs. Dominator II (4th)
    Stinger vs. Bulldog Breed 2 vs. Spikeasaurus (4th)
    Stinger vs. Panic Attack (4th)
    Stinger vs. Chaos II (4th)
    Mortis vs. Panic Attack (War of Independence)
    Wild Thing vs. Trouble and Strife (5th)
    Wild Thing vs. Prizefighta 2 (5th)
    13 Black vs. Corkscrew (5th)
    X-Terminator vs. Corkscrew (5th)
    Razer vs. Firestorm (5th)
    Diotoir/Pussycat vs. Suicidal Tendencies/Steel Avenger (Extreme 1 Tag Team)
    Dominator II vs. Smidsy (6th)
    Dominator II vs. Hydra (6th)
    Razer vs. Tornado (6th)
    Mute vs. Cedric Slammer (NB)
    Mute vs. Storm II (NB)
    Grim Reaper vs. Big Nipper (7th)
    Mantis vs. Kat 3 (7th)
    Mute vs. Judge Shred 3 (7th)
    Robochicken vs. Tough as Nails (7th)
    Storm II vs. Typhoon (7th)

    Now call me strange, but I think someone at RW (not necessarily the judges) seems to like controversy...

    btw, if Razer met Storm II it would be over in a few seconds just like all the other fights were. (ie. Razer underneath Storm, refuses to let go, drops it down the pit cos no damage could be done with the crusher)

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