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Thread: *spoilers* Can we stick the review in this thread pl

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    Well this is my view of what happened:

    1st round
    We were in control of the fight, one hit on hard was enough to damage their batteries and they were immobilized. Spartacus took a lot of damage but still had drive to one side. We had by then lost a blade, that had unbalanced the disc causing the robot to vibrate. The vibrations caused a battery lead to snag and wear away its sheath. This grounded with the chassis and caused the robot failsafe. We found that if we slowed the disc, the robot vibrated less. There was then no arcing between the chassis and the robot worked normally. Was a close fight, but we took minimal damage, lucky to go through though.

    2nd round
    The fight against crushtacean was a worrying one as we had worries about the batteries failing. When crushtacean drove into us, we smashed their gear box housing and they lost drive to one wheel. We knew we wouldn€™t have much time before the next fight to charge our batteries so we backed away once we knew crushtacean were having problems.

    3rd round
    We were not looking forward to this fight, we had no time to recharge our batteries since the crushtacean fight. We also had sheared some bolts on the blades and had around 1hr to get everything ready. My driving in this fight wasn€™t the best, we lost one blade from the disc early on in the fight when we got a good hit on storm. I€™m not sure how we ended up in the arena wall, think it was more down to the large gyroscopic forces of the disc then storm 2. Anyway, storm went to fight with shunt who propped then against the arena wall as well. The Refbot knocked us off the wall, and we in turn knocked storm of the wall to continue the fight. Now that storm was upside down, we could do a lot more damage. What was not shown in the coverage was that, 2 of the 3 titanium panels at the front of storm had been torn away. We had some good hits on storm, eventually immobilizing them. The judges decided the storm had won the fight when we were propped against the wall and so gave the fight to them. The fight was a good one, wish they had showed more of us hitting storm when they were upside down. Think it was a dodgy decision, think the judges owed storm from a certain previous fight€¦

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    Top 3 most controversial judges decisions of all time;

    1) Typhoon 2 v Storm 2
    2) Storm 2 v Supernova
    3) T II v The Darke Destroyer

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    I would put Hypno-Disc vs 101 in that list.

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    The decition was right. For me, its was Storm, Storm, Storm. All of Supernovas attacks were deflected, and Supernova had hardly any control whatsoever. Shunt shouldnt have attacked Storm (or at least put it in THAT kinda position) and Refbot should have counted Supernova out.

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    This episode suffered from heavy editing. It probably has to do with the extra match that had to be squeesed in.
    There could have been some great interviews with Elvis and his fans (guess who those where ) and the match between TAN and storm II lasted a good deal longer. If asked I will deny our team sang I did it my way during the you lost-interview.
    Too bad.
    Other than that, congratulations to team Storm. Finals are always controversial, in the end I think they deserve it.

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    The Fight Spartacus/Supernova/Hard was the last straw for the builders of Hard. After this they trew away the 32V 12Ah Cyclon packs they used.
    Again one of those failed.

    On the other side, the armor ,only 4mm chrome/titanium steel 316ti took everything that Supernova dished out.
    And Spartacus, they had thesame problems as Crustecean, a smashed gearbox.

    For the Rawbot/TAN fight, after the first grab it was game over for the Swedes, as the claw ripped the wires from the recieverbox clean off, and displaced the Bosch750.
    I must admit, the chainretentionsystem those swedish engineers use is so simple and sturdy that the chain was still on the sprocket even the motor was inches displaced.

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    Evening all - well from where we were sitting watching the show I wasnt sure they were showing the fight that we were in ! There was some fairly hefty editing work going on somewhere along the way, to what end Im not sure. Well get a write up on the site asap, along with the remaining writeups from Series 7.

    Yes there was some very dodgy editing. No the Tornado/Storm II fight was no-where near as close as it looked - the fight went on long after we turned them over for more Series 7 encounter flying Tornado. The finals were even stranger, Ill explain what happenned in the write up when we get them on, but it ranged from being told beforehand wed be disqualified for causing excessive arena damage if we rammed Supernova into the walls..... to some rather curious house robot behaviour that resulted in a b*llocking afterwards from a member of production !

    Still, fantastic to win the World Champs, from New Blood on BBC2 to World Champs on Channel 5 I think is under a year Well get the writeups online as soon as we can for this, and for the Semis and the Series 7 finals.

    .... and for the record, weve challenged the previous World Champions twice to take us on, and both times theyve declined the challenge :sad:


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    It was right Storm 2 won, absolutely no question about it. They were in control for most of the fight and most of what i saw was supernova being shoved about and doing minimal damage to storm 2, but i couldnt help to notice that the end of storm 2s lifting arm was removed totally after it was upside down.
    However, it was clear that Supernova had lost due to it being immobile on the wall for a good deal longer than 10 seconds. Should have been a KO, but that would have been too easy.

    Well donme storm, i hope this makes up the judges decision you undeservedly lost against Typhoon.

    However, Storm won this fight because:

    1) Supernova were Kod. On the wall for more than 10 seconds not moving equals a lose. Storm were unfairly stacked by shunt and so this doesnt count. You have to be stacked by your opponent (or yourself).

    2) Storm 2 owned the fight on control. Supernova were busy doing the vibrating jobbie whilst Storm 2 was darting into their opponent.

    3)Storm 2 was more stylish having not killed itself on the wall.

    4)Aggression was all storm who took the fight literally to supernova.

    5)Storm 2 deserved a decision in their favour after the Typhoon incident.


    1)Is Hard the most unreliable robot ever? Besides flippa of course.

    2)Storm 2 V TAN was an amazing fight.

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    The TAN fight was great.

    We knew theyd just grab onto us.... so we just let them hold on while they went for the ride of their life around the arena


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    However, Storm won this fight because:

    1) Supernova were Kod. On the wall for more than 10 seconds not moving equals a lose. Storm were unfairly stacked by shunt and so this doesnt count. You have to be stacked by your opponent (or yourself).
    You have contradicted yourself here. You claim firstly that Supernova was immobile - it appears that stacking does not constitute to immobilisation - as you later state that You have to be stacked by your opponent (or yourself) - in the case of Supernova did it not stack itself?

    The immobilisation period is also not 10 seconds it is 30 seconds - just that the final 10 seconds are counted out loud for the kiddies This is irrelevant as Supernova should have been freed as Storm II was freed, rather kindly by the competitor and not the house robot.

    My mind has been changed after reading the posts here. IMO if a robot is up against the wall really it should be considered to be immobile. However, as stacking does not constitute to immobilisation in an ideal world Supernova would have been freed as Storm II was.

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