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Thread: Predictions

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    well, seeing as the world championships will be on very soon indeed, i decided to write what i think wil happen to each robot.
    i wrote the predictions only for the robots that i know well.

    well, there is a good side of it and the bad side: the good one is as that supernova is a very destructive robot and can cause frightening mount of damage. the bad side is that it beaks down too much beause of the impacts it causes when it collides.
    chance of doing good: 7/10

    STORM 2:
    i almost think that storm 2 can win WC but due to it having quite high ground clearance so it might struggle against tornado for the second time.
    chance of doing good 9/10

    its just an ordinary flipper so it cant really do much against all the other pushers and spinners or crushers even.
    chance of doing good: 5/10

    it basicly depends on the driver: if the driver drives crustacian badly then it can have some trouble with all the other robots because of the high ground clearance it has. on the other hand, if it can sink its claws into a spare bit of a robot and push the robot in the pit it has a chance of doning good.
    chance of doing good: 7/10

    its slow (well for a walker it is really fast), its steady, its destructive. i think that it has quite a chance of beating certain robots.
    chance of doing good: 7/10

    i think that tornado cant survive all the punishment: its speed is only 10/11 mph and can strugle against storm 2 and the flippers (for example: tornado is shoving ARD when suddenly ANSGAR comes and rips something from tornado)
    chance of doing good: 8/10


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    Dont forget tough as nails ivan, its a definite contender, and with no bulldog breed to beat it, it should win.

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    sorry! forgot about TAN, i think it can cope very well, and seeing as it has really good armour it can stand a chance against other robots.
    chance of doing good: 8/10

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    Ansgar from Germany, Storm from England and Tornado from England.
    I dont think Ansgar will survive very long. My guess is either Storm or Tornado.

    Typhoon from England, Tough As Nails from Holland and Rawbot from Sweden.
    Typhoon is already out, but the armour on Rawbot wont stand up to Tough As Nails.

    Spartacus from USA, Supernova from Sri Lanca and Hard from Belgium.
    Ill go for Supernova in this fight, without any doubt.

    Crushtacian from South Africa, Snakebite from Switzerland and Pulverizer from Holland.
    Im not sure about this one, but Pulverizer is likely to be the winner.

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    I think so, but Im not 100% sure.

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    Typhoon is Scottish not English - just to let you know.

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