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Thread: Predictions

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    yes it is classed as the uk not england. Even though scottland is great

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    I like Scots, at least they are proud to wear something else than trousers. Gives uw women something to look at. (And admire...)

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    unless u couldnt tell in my last post im Scottish, even though i live in england. its long and strange story witch involes moving

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    Fight 1- Well Ansgar and Storm 2 are so different, that Tornado wont know what weapon to choose and Ansgar even if he is a full 200kg will prove light work for the 18hp of Storm 2. For me theyll both outwork Tornado from the fight, before Storm 2 get away from the weapon and shoving them down the large hole that is the pit of oblivion.

    Fight 2- Controversially perhaps, but Im going to go for the upset here. Bulldog Breed entirely outpushed TAN in the main series and seeing as Rawbot is a full body rammer and chances are manouvreable and almost certainyl faster, I believe hell just shove them around the arena. However should TAN get one good grab then I think it might be all over

    Fight 3- Spartacus wont last 2 seconds in that arena, as it struggled to even dispose of a full immobilised robot. Hard has always looked like it has tough armour and I just have a funny feeling that theyll end up damaging themselves in the process of decapitating Hard just like they did against Ming and Supernova in Series 6. However, Supernova should take it and purely because of the crap reputation of Belgian robots in WCs (Im not saying theyre crap, Ive just never seen a particularly good one) that we may well end up with bits of armour resembling Belgium all over the floor of the arena.

    Fight 4- Snake Bites going home early. It struggled to get through about 2mm fibre glass on Terror Turtle in the World Championship qualifiers and with an axelbot and Crushtacean with what looks like extremely fine armour, I see them being destroyed, grabbed and pitted. On the other side of the arena, however, youve got an axelbot (*Axel* being the key syllable) with a vertical crusher who can do damage and who shouldnt be damaged by a disc. Volia, much to my delight (I think theyre representing us) we have a South African robot in the semis! Yay! Cmon Crushtacean

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    I hate to disappoint you, but Crushtacean is a British robot that is posing as a foreign robot (like so many have done in the world championships before). Its much better now than it was (how the 1st championship could be called world Ill never know) but IMO the problem really stems from the rather pointless exclusivity contracts (or whatever theyre called) that stop the Battlebots from competing over here and vice versa (if they didnt exist wed see some classic world battles). It should get better though once roboteering is better developed in other countries (as its still catching on, really).

    As for Tornado, you can bet theyll put the wedge on, as Storm 2 is in there (Im surprised they didnt keep the Brits apart) and Ansgar is a spinner, so protection is needed. Unless they choose to unleash that mysterious 4th weapon. (what is it, btw?)

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    STRUGGLED???!!! Snakebite totally OBLITERATED Terror Turtles armour in its qualifier, did you see the way it bent out of shape? I dont call that struggling.

    Oh, predictions

    Fight 1
    Storm 2 should, in theory, win here. Its beaten Tornado already, and Ansgar has lost its two previous fights to ramming machines, so there you go.

    Fight 2
    Even if Typhoon 2 WAS fighting, it would have suffered at the claws of TAN, and I think Rawbot will suffer too.

    Fight 3
    I THINK Supernova will win, but I dont trust it to stay alive long enough (knock itself out). Hard COULD prove problems with its armour, but still...Dont count Spartacus out yet, it only seemed weak, but its oppodent WAS heavy, and the weapon could be leathal.

    Fight 4
    Dont ask. All 3 are very good robots. I fancy Pulveriser, and like the look of Snakebite, but Ill just go for Crushtacean as I know it can cause major shocks.

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    Matty, youre spoiling for serious trouble. There are only 3 pure Belgian robots that ever entered the World Championships.

    In the first W C , Popposaurus Rex.Wasnt briljiant, but not bad ether.

    Then we had Philiper. Didnt do badly.

    And now Hard, that demonstrated a serious toughness.Except the battery problem.
    Also, they are using the smallest cylinder I have builded a 50*100, and still they are capable to annoy the opponents, except the one for Flip-50*50-.Alan Wood provided the FP valve(the one from Project II).

    And if youre thing the Belgians dont have roboteers in there midst that can do the job.Also Gravity and TAN have both a weaponsystem tought out and mainly builded by me. A Flemish-so Belgian- lowly educated mechanic.

    About Snakebite.The weightuse isnt the smartest you can do, but as they are the only Swiss team they cant practice much or have nearby examples.

    Crustecean.Good dependable machine.But as the builder can be seen as British, Dutch ,South African or Zimbabwan there is a possible controverse.

    Supernova has always suffered from his own power.
    On the other side, thats a lot of power.

    Tornado,the old timer in this, has proven to be a very tough one, with lots of power.
    But Storm II,as a newer version of the rambot idea, with overloads on power and the ultimate on armour is a fearsome opponent.

    Ansgar still is 200 kg of machine, with a fair bit of speed,manoevrability and a bladespinner with 2 Bosch alike motors.

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    Dont forget, Philliper DID beat top-american Panzer MK2 in the 2nd WC. I dont call that rubbish.

    But, Id like to point out 2 things.

    1;Its DEpoppesaurus Rex
    2;D-Rex and Philliper were by the same team.

    Also, I dont know ANY other swiss robot, so Snakebite it is. And its good too.

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    Christopher, it is even better, and that man that builded DePopposaurus Rex and Philiper 1 and 2 is called Philip Poppe. Thats in 1 go the reason for the names.

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    Hands up who thinks Christopher should calm down a little?

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