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Thread: No wooty review today either

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    ...Gotcha I now bing a wooty review of the house robot rebellion

    Melee 1

    And the fight begins with three robots homing in on poor old Shunt. Firestorm tosses him over immediately. Firestorm: God knows - Shunt: 0
    There was some more running around, and Cassius Chrome was pretty much set upon by Kat 3 and Bigger Brother. Panic Attack went around looking yellow but not really doing much apart from getting on Firestorms wedge at some point.
    Bigger Brother made a spirited attempt to be the first to OOTA a house robot but didnt manage. Then Firestorm, after lunging at Refbot who cunningly moved, drove into the pit. Then Kat 3, missing Refbot as Bigger Brother slamed him one, beaned Bigger Brother instead and so the competitors finally started fighting. After some more of this, Bigger Brother drove into the pit as well. With all this House Robot attacking, this has to be... Fight of the night

    Winners: The viewers

    Melee 2

    Dantomkia and Behemoth had a little 1-1 as did Pussycat and King B. There was some manouvering, Dantomkia got into a good position and out went Behemoth. Then Dantomkia went for the limping King B and sent it to say hello to Behemoth. Good to watch, but a little formulaeic. Oh and Stu? You go tell Craig a thing or two

    Winners: Dantomkia and Pussycat

    Dantomkia vs Panic Attack

    Dantomkia has a very good driver and a great flipper. Panic Attack has an unexperienced driver and no srimech. Surely there was only one way this could go? And indeed it did. Panic Attack soon turned over and thrown OOTA, then it was Dead Metals turn! After a few failed flips trying to emulate Gravity, Dantomkia somehow managed to get Dead Metal beached under Growler. Both robots immobilised, after what Mike was saying about PAs house robot attacking being foolish. Pot, kettle, anyone? :P

    Winner: Me. Oh, and Dantomkia

    Pussycat vs Kat 3

    A rehash of their last fight in the Iron Maidens... Kat 3 had problems catching the more agile Pussycat with the axe, Pussycat had few problems catching Kat 3 with the saw. The armour was torn, buckled and scratched and there was only one way it could go. Best proper fight of the night

    Dantomkia vs Pussycat

    Dantomkia started well on top and looked set to hurl the trouble Pussycat OOTA... Then it broke down. Meh. I hate it when a robot breaks down in the middle of a promising fight. Still, there was Cassius Chrome and Psycho needing a seeing to, so Pussycat happily obliged Only problem being, both robots could shove the cat around easily so it was on the run for most of the time and ended in the pit. Good try anyway Stu

    Winner: Pussycat!

    And so Pussycat wins the house robot rebllion. Well done Stu

    *Someone whispers in Franks ear*

    Oh sorry. That was the all stars. My bad.


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    And so, Franks review of the All Stars fight between Dantomkia and Panic Attack insults Panic Attack.

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    you know the big, long aerial that was mounted on dantomkia semmed to be a good object for pussycat to sink her claws into....maybe thats what happened...

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    The link had been taken out.

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