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Thread: Quite a weird final... Reviewed at last! Wooty

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    Did this really need a second thread? Well probably not but I wanted to make sure people saw it

    So, off we go to the final! But for some strange reason, all four finalists seem to have been disqualified for some reason, and have been replaced with four robots who vanished in the heats, one robot who didnt qualify for the WCs and one semi-finalist. Oh, and its being done in Annihilator format instead.

    Round 1

    So, all the robots are introduced and its off we go! ...For a break. BAH.

    Round 1 resumed

    And were off! Robochiken gets flipped immediately and... fails to self right. Ewe 2 is beached on top of the wall on top of Flippa who seems to have ceased moving, leaving three robots in it! Ripper and Raging Knightmare tossed each other around a bit, Kan Opener was nearly OOTAd, but the chicken was counted out having failed to do... Anything! A real shame as it looked so good in its heat.

    House Robot Rebellion

    We see the return of Gravity and Behemoth, taking on three of the biggest house robots! Growler, Psycho and Cassius Chrome! Well at least two of them were dangerous
    So immediately were off! Gravity and Growler chase around one another, Behemoth chases Cassius Chrome, and Psycho... Slowly plods forwards hoping to reach the centre of the arena before cease is called. Well, Growler didnt last long! One attack by Gravity and bam! First robot to tip Growler over! Another on Cassius Chrome and bam! First robot to tip Cassius Chrome over (although he seemed to recover despite being over the pit... Hmmmmm). Then they took on Psycho, and one hammer blow seemed to kill it, allowing Behemoth to take over. When it turned out they couldnt overturn Psycho, they started axing him instead. It looked harmless at first, but after they damaged a panel I dont think Psycho moved any more. Although Behemoth lost its axe soon after Psycho appeared to be dead! There was some more running around after that but Behemoth lost traction so it was effectively over. House robot attacking is always a big plus with me, so this is fight of the night

    Round 2

    Well... Flippa was gone as well, having broken down again so it was up to the remaining four to give us a fight! Once more, Kan Opener stayed out of trouble for the most part, letting the flippers take each other on. However they attacked Raging Knightmare a few times at the end and suceeded in suspending it over the pit. However they had trouble letting it drop, so ewe 2, who apparently was having Robochicken style problems, was counted out for the same reason. Down to three...

    Round 3

    Like the last annihilator, two robots homed in on one... And that one was Raging Knightmare! Flipped around a few times by Ripper, then Kan Opener moved in... Got flipped. Ripper moved in and tossed Raging Knightmare around some more... In comes Kan Opener, got flipped. Repeat this until Kan Opener finally manages to get a hold, suspend it over the pit... And have letting go problems. So Ripper so kindly smashed into Kan Opener a few times to dislodge this troublesome machine. The interview was funny

    The final

    Kan Opener had problems getting to grips with Ripper throughout the fight as it kept sliding up the sides. Either the claws slid along the armour and couldnt get a grip, or Kan Opener itself slide up Ripper and although it got a grip it couldnt do much in the way of pushing! Then with one slam, Ripper could only move in circles! Kan Opener still had problems finishing the weakened Ripper off, but it was kinda inevitable really. So they kept at it, got some good attacks in (and for some reaosn Rippers armour bounced back. What is it, rubber?) and Ripper was done. Kan Opener makes history by winning two annihilators!

    By the way

    Kan Opener is weird. Or rather its fight record is. No wins in the UK wars, but 9-0 up in annihlators.

    Also I really HATE that Yes car insurance ad. It goes on for too frickin long!

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    Yeah i think Kan Openers poor record in the UK champs is down more than anything to bad luck. As the annihilators show, it is one strong machine when it gets going, with crushing power equal to the mighty razer...that has to be respected.

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    Our amour on Ripper, is 4mm Titanium, and is much stronger than it looks.

    We have a nice big air gap with all the important bits in the centre, and so any impacts, or crushing, doesnt affect the working bits.

    It was funny to see the sides bow in, and then just spring back into place.
    All it did was scratch the paint, and blunted his claws in the process.

    The loss of drive was due to the end of one of the bosches breaking off, early in the fight, and the rest of the fight we were going round in circles.

    Bit gutted as it would have been an interesting final, although we were confident we could beat them.


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    Who needs 3 ton of crush, just have Mute plus arena wall, Ripper go boom, followed by a nice shower of polycarb


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    ive seen the video now of the fight.. and know why it exploded. will show you the clip on sunday

    Wont happen again, ive got a nice big pile of 4mm ti to repair it now, and get the spikes sorted out once and for all..... no more sitting on its back i tell ya !!!

    whens the next ripper n mute show ???


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    Any chance of a copy, we can put it up on Mutes site.
    It will have to be the Debenham final


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    ok, ill bring it along, only if you show the first bit ----- RIPPER WINNING !!

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    We always show the full fights, they can see Ripper winning the trophy and see Mute winning the war.
    Anyway surely it should be the Mute and Ripper Show


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    Wimps, the both of you . Should have been in the full combat one. Mind you it gave everyone else a chance including us.

    I was standing in the crowd just in front of where it happened and it made me jump back. One of the most entertaning fights (excluding Thor) that day.

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    Will be good to see it from the crowd point of view, we coundnt really see much for the driving booth (except for the polycarb shooting everywhere) At least the crowd got a nice close up view, couldnt really have picked a better spot to slam into.

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