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Thread: Predictions?

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    Next week so lets get those predictions in!

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    Well I think the winner will either be Dantomkia, Bigger Brother or Behemoth. Least likely to win would be Panic Attack (Ive nothing against them, I just think they wont survive against other flippers)

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    Now, I dont as yet know the line up, I heard its done like a Series 7 heat, so heres what I think.

    This robot has a good chance of winning. I missed the annihilator/HRR, so I dont know how well it did, but I heard it was still alive at the end. Ill catch it next time. Anyways, unless their stupid link falls out again, they could do very well. The only problem could be the Srimech failing again.

    Bigger Brother
    After their performance last time in the All-Stars, Bigger Brother could do very well. In fact, they are one of my favourites to win. Low ground clearance AND a powerful flipper could give them that edge. The only problem is, what if the other robots gang up on him?

    Another favourite to win this all-stars. And of course, theyve fixed all the problems that happened last time (reliability, batteries dieing, power link falling out), could do well unless that high(ish) ground clearance is noticed.

    Youd expect me to go for them, wouldnt you? It is, indeed a good robot, but with all those back hinged flippers, it could have a problem. It may do well, and it doesnt have Razer to worry about, but I dont trust it to do well

    Kat 3
    Like the Colour, like the outfits, like the axe, like the team (purr), hate the chances Im afraid.

    King B Powerworks
    Have they recovered from their IG88 attack? I dont think so, and they may lose early if they dont stay away from trouble. Or Panic Attack. Or Pussycat. How dare you copy them!!!

    Panic Attack
    Again, youd expect me to go for them. I heard they fight Firestorm in the first round, and I know the result, but I wont spill the beans. However, without a srimech, and with a different driver, I dont fancy their chances.

    This would outshine Kat 3 any day. That blade isnt as effective as it used to be I fear, and I think their time is nearly up. Sorry.

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    Behemoths Srimech worked in the house robot rebellion

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    stu's Avatar

    Stu Kinematic
    Birmingham - UK
    and I think their time is nearly up

    Im sorry but - thats not nice. :sad:

    Have to wait and see.

    Mr Stu
    Team Cold Fusion - Pussycat

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    What a lot of colourful robots! And lots of chunky bits for Pussycat to sink her blades into

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    Maybe, but, like I said, I have yet to see the HRR. Please read it.

    And sorry, but Pussycat is rather old now

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    It still works :-) Dont dismiss it- stu drives it like its a natural extension of his body.

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    And she is one of the very few robots who are able to inflict serious damage upon Tough As Nails (happened on a live event...)!

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    I suspect most robots could damage TaN (or anything else) given long enough and a bit of thinking time. Nonetheless, Im intrigued - what did PC do to it?

    My only live experience of TaN was it not running at last years Debenham, which was a great shame - my sympathy for the wasted travel tickets. The Dutch roboteers made an impression with the Little Chef on the A12, though (I went in on the way back, said where Id been [while scrounging a pull-back toy] and got told theyd been in).


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