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Thread: Predictions?

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    Nope - Kat 3 is a great team.

    Mr Stu

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    what I saw in that thing on sunday was that it was

    Firestorm vs Bigger Brother vs Panic Attack vs ???

    Kat 3 vs ??? Vs ??? Vs ???

    useful aint I

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    I am saying one of the cats will win

    That is either Kat 3 or Pussycat, out of those two I would say Pussycat to get a judges decision.

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    Christopher - thats really nice - hope to meet you as well. Maybe come to a live event that both me and Kat 3 are at - there good at making boys feel welcome those Kat 3 girls. - Also remember Julie from Kat 3 is my Robot Wars Mum. LOL! (Bryan from Tornado is my dad).

    Ok if you lot asked- im sure you saw most who were in round 1 on the preview anyway....

    Melee 1 - Dantomkia, Behemoth, Pussycat, King B
    Melee 2 - Kat 3, Firestorm, Bigger Brother, Panic Attack

    Round 2 - LOL!! wait and see.

    Mr Stu

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    there good at making boys feel welcome those Kat 3 girls

    certain members of my team who shall remain nameless can vouch for that

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