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Thread: Yorkshire

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    Our second FRA social in Huddersfield on 5th June at the Albert Hotel was an evening that everyone enjoyed. There were 9 roboteers there, including Derek Meads and the Mean Streak team, who gave us a rundown on their plans for a new Meaner Streak. There were impressive 3-D CAD drawings, showing the full mechanical arrangement for this triple spinner. It looks vicious, and is expected to be ready for the World Championships, although it has not been entered yet.

    I provided some background from the last FRA Executive meeting, following my briefing from Kevin Scott. The World Championship has definitely transferred to RAF Newton from Manchester, and has been extended by 1 day, so that it is now August 24th-28th. The application list is just about full (although the format could be extended) and there are still some reserve places and additional slots available to people who apply promptly. Beware, you will be up against some serious teams from the USA and Europe.

    The judges have been agreed as Noel Sharkey, Arthur Chilcott and Ray Tate. It will be televised over 6 nights on an un-named channel. There will be recognised names as the presenters.

    Steve Woolsey kindly agreed to set up and manage a Robot Ladder on the FRA Website, and I am sure that this will be warmly welcomed as soon as the detailed rules have been agreed.

    The next FRA regional social will be at Brewsters, near Lincoln, at 8pm on Saturday 3rd July.

    The Mean Streak Team agreed to approach a local pub (The Rat and Ratchet) for the next Huddersfield meeting, where they were certain that a room could be obtained free. We decided that as many people would be away on holiday in early August to hold the next meeting in Huddersfield on Saturday, 4th September.

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    Hi Roboteers,

    After our second meeting in June, Derek Meads kindly offered to get us a room in the Rat and Ratchet for our next meeting.This pub has an excellent reputation for the quality and variety of beers that it sells, as well as having a function room that we can use for free.It is just outside the Huddersfield ring road, and is easy to reach from both bus and train stations, as well as by car.

    As you all know by now this meeting is not intended to be exclusively for Yorkshire people, and roboteers from Greater Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire (and elsewhere) are welcome. Please pass this invitation to any other roboteers who would like to attend, and who are not on my list of contacts.

    This meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Saturday 4th September.The pub is on a road called Chapel Hill, and everyone in Huddersfield will be able to direct you to this road. The best car parking space is on Milford Street, if you are coming from the ring road.You need to walk across the main road (Chapel Hill) to get to the pub. If you are not on my direct email list, let me know and I will send you maps to get you to the pub.

    The address of the hotel is:-
    The Rat and Ratchet
    40 Chapel Hill
    West Yorkshire
    HD1 3EB
    Tel: 01484 516734

    The provisional agenda is:-
    1. Welcome and Introductions
    2. Discussion on Fighting Robot Arenas -The Next Move
    3. Exchange of information/equipment between roboteers.

    Do let me know if you think that you will be able to attend.

    Best wishes,

    Jeremy Cuss
    Tel (Home): 01484 658440
    Tel (Mobile): 0797 36338819

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    Ill be there work permitting, which at the minute, looks like a definate yes.

    If anyone from over this way wants a lift, give me a yell (dont worry, wont be in my 20 year old VW ).

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    Email on the profile is off, so use or give me a ring.

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    Just me and Jeremy then is it?

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