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Thread: Congratulations Typhoon

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    having seen the fight live, i must say that i think the editing favored Storm 2. At the time i agreed with the judges, but if you just saw the edited version then i would say that Storm 2 had it. either way it was very close and well done to both robots.

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    Nice one typhoon.

    I think Eds comments about Typhoon and X-terminator before the final were unwarrented

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    I was there on the day, and although I am a bigger fan of Typhoon than Storm 2, I have to say in my eyes, Storm had it, but what do I know?

    As a bit of a giggle, Ill repeat some of the funnier conspiricy theories Ive heard about this final. None of these are my opinions, just stuff people have said within earshot of me.

    RAF base, cadets staying on base, RAF/cadet team didnt qualify but were allowed in anyway, RAF/cadet team win, it was fixed from the start. (please note, this is the most obserd of the theories Ive heard!)

    BAEsystems factory team (typhoon being built by BAE systems)used cadets as a means of promoting british military technology, now that robotwars is being aired in potential sales markets. The proof that this link exists is the governments recent commitment to promoting engineering, the MOD, doing the same, and team Typhoon being the same. lol.

    The deliberate time-out (I like this one)
    with Typhoons weapon not working properly in the first part of the fight, it was a very clever decision of the driver to take out the wall, as it would stop the fight, as it did the day before. Knowing the continue as you left off policy, if the weapon failed to start (not hard to fake) then repairs could be justified. Like this one, more realistic of the thoeries, and hints that Gary is a tactical genius. Hes denied this though.

    Personal agenda. (again, I can see this one working)
    Ed Hoppitt owned storm 2. Last year it had no weapon, and seemed to be such a focused machine weaponary would be almost impossible to integrate. The rule of compulsary active weapons arrived, and hit nobody harder than Storm. Why was this rule introduced? hummm.... maybe mentorn dont like Ed.
    Then the final, it was clear that storm won, but mentorn pay the judges, so as they dont like Ed Hoppitt........
    like that one, really smacks of US style corruption.

    Ed shot JFK

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    As a conspriacy theorist myself, heres my views:

    If its true that Typhoon failed to qualify and were let in anyway, then it probably is because they were RAF/cadets, but that wouldve been done purely to have them representing in the arena, rather than to have them win it. (so 1 could be partially true, but not fully)

    I cant see 2 working because the government made defence cutbacks recently. But of course it would be promoting big business if they were true (a goverment policy). However they couldnt rig all 7 fights as the other teams would refuse to play ball (and the house robots never tried to throw the fights either like theyve done in the past), but the closeness of the final provided an opportunity if they wanted it. But still an unlikely scenario though, as I bet hardly anyone knew about the BAE connection.

    3 suggests a clever and tactical usage of the rules - not the first time its been used to win a final of course.

    4 - I thought that the reason for the active weapon rule was because Mentorn didnt like Tornado for beating their beloved Razer (first reaching the final by using no active weapons on Hypnodisc/Dominator/Firestorm then adding defensive weaponry to win the war), hence trying to get them banned (but of course the Tornado guys are far too inventive for that to happen). And as Storm is a Tornado clone, it comes under the umbrella too (even though they fitted an effective weapon that didnt actually compromise the armour - maybe that pissed Mentorn off).

    But if Mentorn did influence the judges it wouldve been more likely that they just wanted a spinner to win (which was also thought of as a reason for the active weapon rule).

    5 - heh.

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