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Thread: Congratulations Typhoon

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    I was also a bit perplexed about the ruling to allow Typhoon to run up to full speed on the restarts after the arena was clobbered. If the wall hadnt been damaged, the impact wouldve slowed them right down, surely?

    It disabled their weapon John. And despite the crews opinion that the fight should continue as it was stopped (same positions, same damage and all that) the Typhoon boys insisted on repairing their weapon. And since the show must go on, they got their way...

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    Well well done to Typhoon it was a stellar performance, especially the driving, well done Gary , but i also must voice my concern at the decision. Surely aggresion against a defensive robots counts for more than damage taken as a result of attacking, the result was surprising given the circumstances. I would have had storm 2 by a fair margin, but you know those crazy judges...
    P.S. Typhoon is beautifully engineered, like a piece of art on the inside. Well done boys youve made the RAF proud!!

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    Well first I would like to say that I just came back from a skiing weekend in Avimore to have my mum screamed across my mobile that we had been on.

    Thank you so much for all your comments, and Ed I wouldnt have minded losing that battle to you, it would have been no shame to go out to such a great robot.

    First the X-terminator battle.......

    This was the last battle of the night and we smacked off the arena side. Both robots were quaranteened in cages overnight whilst the arena was fixed. Both teams decided to fight on first thing the next day. This fight was continued and we hit XT once, which took out their batteries.

    Now to the final.......

    We went in as you seen with the engine running (hense the disc spinning slowly). After a few minutes we hit the side again (DOH!) and the fight was stopped. Once back in the arena we managed to get it to spin however because of the temperatures inside the robot we had to keep the disc at a high speed to stop the engine stalling, however the director told us to bring it down so when we did the engine stalled and we didnt have a running disc. After a few more minutes the battle was stopped and the judges made their decision.....

    The button that you seen us pressing was to start the engine, if you look close we can see what we changed the name of it to.

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments, as i said it was contraversial and im glad i didnt have to judge it.

    I think I have covered it all

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    Well done to Typhoon. I certainly wouldnt like to be a judge in that one.

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    If there are any future wars. At least we have live events. Anyway, well done Typhoon 2 for an excellent final.

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    I very much doubt the police will be able to do much, short of stealing the trophy from the Typhoon 2 team.
    must be a sad thing that

    not having a sense of humour

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    You mean the Self-Destruct button, people hear have been giving credit for Storm not suffering major damage from Typhoon but surely credit should also be given to Typhoon as it was the only robot not to be pushed around for the entire fight
    Those Girls can scream loudly though, did they increase every battle

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    Congratulations to all 4 Finalists for splendid performances and a huge thank you to Gary and co, for helping Scotland to finally leave a mark in a sporting event!

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