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Thread: Woot a load of spoilers. Reviewed anyway. Yay. Type thing.

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    lol ill add something to that Ed after the next show.........

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    I will admit Gary your by far not the worsed for attacking a dead robot in fact I think thats the first time Ive seen you do it, However Gary and Jamie the noticeable damage you talk about is very true flippers dont cause noticeable damage but then again its very unlikely a flipper alone will damage anything. A spinner is designed with one thing in mind I dont care who you are what your intentions are there only out to do one thing.
    Spinners and crushers cause alot of real damage and having been on the receiving end of having my immobile robot attacked again and again because they focus on trying to obliterate my robot
    it really annoys me when people like it coz it looks good and makes them feel better, Im more impressed when someone like typhoon kills a robot with one hit as you did with Thermidor
    If i were attacking someone after they were dead the other team would complain and quiet rightly so its an unwritten rule thing but its an issue that really rattles me

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    it does actually ed, thats the sound of the petrol engine getting up to speed

    You can hear the engine in our first match against hamerhead 2 when we came close to the camera. This was because we put the engine at its full rev however this meant that the clutch continually slipped and so the energy from the engery was lost and we didnt get an efficient spin up. From then on we realised that it was better to match the engine rpm to the disc rpm. In the atomic battle the disc had caught up enough to really hear the engine and whilst it probably was amplified it does make that noise when it gets to that speed.

    Dont worry Craig we have made a team decision to stop attacking our opponents no matter what the production crew want (if theres another series).

    carl the first hit wasnt the fastest, around the 700rpm mark, the biggest was the last which was 800 to 900rpm. Basically our max rpm.

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    lol no problem ed

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