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Thread: Woot a load of spoilers. Reviewed anyway. Yay. Type thing.

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    Jamie theres never a reason to atack a dead robot all that TV bullshit just an excuse to make robots look good
    Unfortunatly its mainly spinners that do it

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    craig, i am not going to change your mind or anyone elses on this forum. You are entitled to your opinion.

    that was a very lucky flip (for us) that atomic dished out. I know it does sound like a bad excuse but i thought that perhaps giving them a hit on their back would perhaps close their flipper and allow them to fight on. We gave them 2 hits and then we backed off, however we then got a Mr Craig Charles screaming through the curtain to give them another hit. In the heat of the moment we decided to show how powerful we really were and although in retrospect it was a bad idea it happened and there is nothing we can do now.

    However craig i do not think that it is only spinners that attack immobile robots, all types of robot are guilty and the only reason that spinners are noticeable is because they usually do alot of visual damage. Just my opinion

    I would like to thank all our competitors for being such good sports about taking the damage that we dished out throughout series 7.

    I personnally think that the final is the most interesting there has been although ill let you all make up your own minds next week

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    Exactly if a robot is dead, a flipper doesnt stop flipping them around, its just that spinners cause the most noticable damage and that is because they made the robots so they could win

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    Craig Charles screaming? I never would have guessed...

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