I was going to hold back until the 7th war had finished (following my final outburst on the old RW forum after someone let out a spoiler about one of the bots - apologies for that btw, as I was just really pissed off at the time), but after seeing the second semi I just had to register now and let out a big:


After all my criticism about the domination of flippers, how easy they were winning fights, and of course how many of them made the 4th round - its the funniest thing that, out of 11 flippers in the 4th round, NOT ONE OF THEM MADE THE GRAND FINAL!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Oh, the irony... (and all the words I now have to eat as a result, should keep me well fed for a while)

Heres to a classic grand final in a weeks time. (which, together with the start of the F1 season and an FA Cup quarter final involving my team, makes my very own Super Sunday)

(my bets on Storm II, btw)