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Thread: Likely No Flippers in Grand Final

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    Despite the fact that Most of the semi finalists were flippers, it now seems likely that there will be no flippers in the grand final, real shame about gravity but this means the grand final will be very intresting

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    Yer its funny how forums have been full of threads saying how its the year of the flippers
    and look how many flippers are through

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    I must take some of the stick for this, I was one of the main voices of the all flippers grand final think tank. But i still wouldnt rule out Atomic 2.

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    Ed already sorta fixed the upside down wedge problem; if Storm 2 is upside down, the spikes at the back can be used to get hold of a bot. The only way to get aorund the invertable drive problem (besides oogabooga driveswitches and double wheels), is using the back as a front, which Eds done.

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