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Thread: Spoilers!

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    Can anyone remember that dead ringers show when it said the bbc was getting bigger and on bbc 29, was robot channel.

    Battling toasters.

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    I think al this five are trying to ruin robot wars is a bit babyish. I mean, it is quite obvios of what it actually happening. Mentorn/Five are giving a complete idiot a roll of tape and telling him to make a little footage out of it to show what is coming next week, they however, forget to tell him which footage is round two battles and which are round 1 battles so unfortunately he just bundles all the best footage together, which includes spoilers and as a result make it onto to TV without anyone checking them. So really all the spoilers are not really down to five/mentorn trying to ruin robot wars they are just being completely careless about what we actually see.

    This is my oppinion any way.


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    I accidently caught a glimpse of the first clip and now no the result of 2 first round battles, DAMN U FIVE

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    I dont believe they are trying to spoil it, but not enough work has been put in to the production by five/mentorn. Its such a shame.
    Mr. Dave, i remember the battling toasters it had me in stitches for ages it was very funny although perhaps a terrible impression.

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    hang on!!! if M2 fights Atomic in round 1, and typhoon fights Thermador ..........


    [Spoiler removed]
    Whilst Five may be showing spoilers, please dont repeat them on here, or youre just spreading the damage that theyre already doing

    FRA Forum Admin Team

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    Hmmm, the FRA Forum Admin Team have been very busy!

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    At least they are doing a good job.

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