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Thread: Tanto 2

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    There are bigger machines though, I belive there was one crane used in a coal mine in USA thats powered by its own nuclear powerplant.

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    Tanto is for sale see For sale thread

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    Tanto version 4
    - is nearing conclusion, after 2 years of pushing round everyone and everything Tanto v3 has finally given up the go, the drive has always been her major weakness with the bolt on forks coming a close second. These flaws and now been corrected in v4 and this is the smallest package that Tanto could ever of been made into without the use of a shrink ray. She now stands at 530mm wide 430mm long and 250mm high. The 2 forks are 15mm hardox and are now one piece with the body which is now all welded. She had been getting stuck on her back and her side but with the new design she wont infact if u put her on her side itd be quiet funny to she her get down
    Unlike before Tantos armour was only supported on the sides not any more, now she is supported with 2 additional internal bulkheads making it the strongest chassis we could possibly make. With the likelyhood of meeting a dreaded spinner or even worse Terrorhurtz, the electronics are now shock mounted which ive never tried before but it should stand pace.
    before Tanto had grip and gearbox problems, now with new style gearboxes that will eliminate the problems we had before and moulded tyres, also 80% of tantos weight is across the wheels.

    The only thing she wont have that the new design should of had is new motors but the eteks will do the job.

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