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Thread: Ou est le Woot?

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    Hey, the info might be in the special thread elsewhere on the Forum.

    Wont post it here so not to upset the little people who get a kick out of pretending they know secrets.

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    Yeah, go to the missing extreme episodes section of the forum if you want to find out...

    Some eejit posted a review over there for all to see....your choice though!

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    David Weston
    Divinity Little Devil Baby Hell Stewie FIN Bulletproof Kill-a-Chav St Jimmy Satanix Hell's Angel
    Carterton, Oxfordshire
    Where is Alex Mordue at ? He in Uni or something ?

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    Hey Frank, cheers for the reviews. I read my first post and feel kinda insensitive now.

    What a great show, though.

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    I thought they were a bit too old for Uni. They were into their early to mid twenties in series 2 werent they?

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    Thats no problem Mike, you werent to know.

    Matty I dont think youre ever too old for Uni.

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    Good to hear that attitude, Frank!

    (30 tomorrow, still hunting Ph.D. funding)

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