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    That is one reason why I dont like spinners, they go over the top.

    Typhoon held back once the robot was immobisle, so did Razer, that what earns them respect. Where has all the axes disappeared to?

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    I think they were just exited that they had a robot that worked and did damage for once

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    They already had proved that! They didnt need to go to that extreme!

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    That is the problem with the new breed of spinner devolping, they do massive amounts of damage and hense once the opponent is immobile if they keep going then there could literally be nothing left for the opposition to take away. We tried to do as little damage as was required as it doesnt just damage our opponents, it could damage us aswell as half the energy from the collision goes back through us. X-terminator were over the top and I urge all other spinners to be merciful once their opponent is out.

    Apart from that it was a fantastic semi and i just hope the next one is as good a show.

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    Good to see Ive lost the distinction of the fastest ever loss, but OTT from XT ? I did see the flipper activate near the end ! Was this an accidental firing or a signal that we are not dead ? Tony ????

    I did think however that a gentlemans agreement was usually the order of the game, we had one with King B3. Wheels and rear end only.

    Thought provoking actions !!!!!

    Paul S.

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    Further thought after last post.

    Gary X-terminator were over the top and I urge all other spinners to be merciful once their opponent is out

    I also ditto this for flippers & orther forms of weaponry.

    We cant self right (accepted by us) but were flipped many times after being immobilised last year at a private event. What might look like fun does still cause damage, albeit not external.

    Paul S.

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    Yer i think cosmetic damage is good fun to watch after an opponent is immobilised.
    Ripping off wheels or decorations.
    XT3 clearly wanted them OOTA but they werent gonna do it, so I dont know why they carried on. What about Tsunami? They where dead long time before the end of the match and XT jsut kept wacking them.
    Well maybe XT boys learnt from this, and another reason to make the wall higher - so not ot give nasty spinners ideas!
    (I am a fan of spinners though)

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    As the flipper was still working on Buldog Breed just before X-Terminator finished them off, & they still appeared to have some movement, even though they we sideways against the arena wall, I think that X-Terminator were not OTT in their attacks.

    Remember Series 5 when Bigger Brother beat Hypnodisc in the first fight of the Series Final. I watched it live from the pits & was convinced that Bigger Brother was finished & totally trashed beyond all recognition. They still managed to beat Hypnodisc by pushing them into the pit. Incidentally, after that fight there were that many people helping to repair Bigger Brother, it must have totalled between 50 & 100 man hours to get it ready again.

    With all the flames, lights, etc, its very difficult to see exactly what is going on from the gantry. Bulldog Breed may have known that their robot was dead because they had the transmitter in their hands, X-Terminator would not know this. If X-Terminator had backed off, who knows, a nudge from Refbot could have got Bulldog Breed back in the fight & they could have pushed X-Terminator into a CPZ or the pit, changing the expected outcome of the fight.

    Obviously I have these views from the editing that I saw on the telly, & as we all know, what you see on the telly is not always what actually happened, but certainly from what I saw today, X-Terminator were not OTT. In fact, if you look at earlier parts of the fight, they were ramming Bulldog Breed without their weapon spinning which as far as Im concerned is backing off.

    Popeye Sanford
    Designer, builder & weapon operator
    The Executioner

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