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Thread: Semi 2

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    A back-in-the-arena.

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    Atomics flipper has to come off at some point! Its tradition!

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    If Storm 2 and Firestorm meet then i doubt firestorm will win. Because I am this kind of person, i think it is highly unlikely firestorm will be able to get Storm 2 OOTA and we know firestorm doesnt like robots that can push it around (razer, tornado) i think Storm will be in the final.

    And if tornado and storm meet - ive seen a video from a live event showing storm 2 throwing Tornado OOTA. I think taht will happen, unless Tornado get them down teh pit as tehy are much better at controlling thier robot it seems

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    what are the chances of mute self righting out of the arena, its certainly powerful enough, and if it was facing the other way it would have in the behemoth battle

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    Storm 2 to win.

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