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Thread: Wiever ytoow

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    By the the Special Event, Im sure Pearce called 13 Black the number 13 seed...

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    Yeah, I heard that gaff too.

    Well Done Typnoon. They need to get the FW doing that now

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    Brillant heat, shame Typhoon wasnt spinning in round 1, that would have been great

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    pah who needs a srimech in a semi final where most of your opponents are flippers

    david were working on the feather

    mike weve got a few ideas for a scrimech but theyre currently under development and im affraid that i cant say anything

    thanks to everyone for your comments

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    Well, because Typhoon is a full body spinner, Id say that Bigger Brother wouldnt have been able to pit it.

    Naughty Shunt

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