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Thread: ONE show??

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    Kat 3 was in a lot more than just series 5

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    No, they were in series 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. So, in their 5th series.

    Although, it was Kater Killer in series 3/

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    Oh RIGHHHT. I was confused by that too.

    -- Kev

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    The robots never been that remarkable; the team are more interesting. Costumes.

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    Some website proclaimed the Kat 3 v. Major Tom fight of Series 5 the battle of the silly headgear.

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    All-Stars isnt an appropriate name for this IMO, youd need bots like Storm 2, X-Terminator, and Gravity for it to be an All-Star event.

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    Mr Stu

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    Gravity, although being a fantastic bot can in no way be called an All Star yet.


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    Kat 3 has never been in the semis me thinks.
    It doesnt seem like an all-star competition.
    Its great all these robots competing because they are all all-stars, but theres note enough of the real all stars.
    Yes, it should be the top 16 of series 7 and then 16 other great robots for ebing great or past trophies for things like sportsmanship etc

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    Kat 3 got the Series 6 Sportsmanship award, didnt they?

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