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Thread: Predictions

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    Bulldog Bread? What new robot is this? :P

    Anyway, perhaps youve noticed, most of the shapes TAN has had to grab - Panic Attack and Disc-O-Inferno, for a start - are pretty low-profile? Bulldog Breed is a much bigger shape, so TAN will have to get at the right angle.

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    i doubt Jeroen is looking for a specific angle, grab and squeeze is his only tactic. The thing with TAN is dat its centre of gravity is very weird. flippers usually cant get it OOTA. they can flip it lots of times, but the robot usually just flips over instead of going up and over.

    It can be done, but you need a right angle and a very good flipper to do it.

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    An interesting fight was an understatement,this was a fantastic fight.

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    Ditto that Dave

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    Bulldog did very well, they could flip the claws away when TAN had a hold on it, so that meant it would be much harder for TAN to push it into the pit, I am pissed off because this was the best series ever i think and i would love to see the new gravity etc next series,but thanks to bloody channel 5 it now seems likely that series 8 wont happen, notice that im pretty sure that they have already pulled down the channel 5 robot wars site, im definately going to send a strongly worded eamail to the idiots at 5 as they have not given robot wars a chance

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