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Thread: Predictions

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    Yeah, but that doesnt explain Cassius 2.

    Imagine if Robot Wars series 3 HAD had seeds. Cassius 2 would have been seeded 2, and they lost round 2. Your so called pattern doesnt work.

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    I really dont think that patterns have much to do with who goes through. What does matter is that this looks to be one of the most entertaining semi finals yet.

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    Yeah, but I still find this amusing;

    In Series 3, Ming was knocked out in Round 1.
    In Series 4, Ming was knocked out in Round 2.
    In Series 5, Ming was knocked out in Round 1.
    In Series 6, Ming was knocked out in Round 2.
    In Series 7, Ming was knocked out in Round 1.

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    Heres my predictions
    First Semi Final
    Raging Knightmare Vs Tornado(1)
    Gotta tip Tornado to win but Knightmare may get a few flips in.

    Dantomkia (5) Vs Gravity
    Boy gravity has a good chance in this battle watch DTK fly but DTK may get a flip in.

    St Agro Vs X-Terminator (11)

    St argro will be X TERMINATED IN ABOUT 20 SECONDS!

    Bulldog Breed (12) Vs Tough As Nails

    If TAN gets its claws behined BB it just might push them in the pit but BB is a good flipper.

    Next Round this is my predictions:

    Torando(1) vs Gravity

    This will be close but torando has more pushing power but gravity has the flipper. im backing gravity to edge it.

    X terminator(11) vs Tough as Nails

    XT this will be another X TERMINATED unless TAN get them clawed first.

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    Actually it looks like Tornados using the drum against RK, so I think itll be closer than we thought. Still Tornado to win though.

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    Tornado v Raging Knightmare

    Im going to stick my neck out here and go for an upset. Im just wondering how well they can attack without getting flipped and both robots use the side walls for most of there action so Im going for a large wind blowing OOTA

    Dantomkia v Gravity

    This will be close. I think the difference could come in the form of DTKs use as a fully body spinnery thingmajiggy

    St. Agro v X-Terminator

    No t a hope in hell for the cornish lads unless they do an Iron Awe

    Bulldog Breed v TAN

    BB has trouble getting things OOTA, so Im going for the invertible TAN TO GRAB THEM AND DUMP THE DOG DOWN THE PIT.

    Raging Knightmare v Gravity

    Gravity to fir the Raging Knightmare back into the land of Dreams...or OOTA whichever comes quicker :-O

    X-Terminator v TAN

    X-tarminator IMHAEIO cant damage anything other than the tyres, and theyre expendable. TAN to outpush them and dump them in the pit.

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    Tornado to meet Gravity, I would want Gravity to win but I have this feeling that it would be Tornado.

    X-Terminator to meet Bulldog Breed and rip it up a bit.

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    Tornado v Raging Knightmare

    Some people might disagree, but I think that Knightmare has had luck as its main weapon so far (ROTAS C02 pipe bursting, Spawn Again team failing to realize they needed a new ram), so I think Tornado.

    Dantomkia v Gravity

    Gravity to misfire a flip, send itself into orbit, and hit the Moon, whereupon it goes splatt...OK, Gravity.

    X-Terminator v St. Agro

    Depends if St. Agro can get one good attack on X-T...if so, one good flip and its all over. Otherwise, X-Terminator.

    Bulldog Breed v Tough as Nails

    Bulldog Breed. Not really sure why.

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    MHF. As Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons might say

    Worst Predictions Ever

    Why? Sorry if it sounds insulting, but;

    1;How on earth is Raging Knightmare supposed to flip Tornado? Tornado may be all brawn, but he isnt stupid, certainly smart enough to avoid flippers. After the rebuild, Tornado has NEVER been flipped OOTA, so RK will have next to no chance. Besides, Defending Champions NEVER go out till at least the second round of the Semis.

    2;Bulldog Breed has problems flipping robots OOTA? ARE YOU KIDDING??? Did you not see it in the TTT; you know, the one where it flipped Pussycat clean out of the ring? Its near impossible to do that at any rate (Chaos 2 never managed it anyway, neither could M2). TAN is much bigger than cat, so its Bulldogs for the taking.

    3;OK, TANs tyres might be expendable, its wheels overall are NOT! Even if it DID beat Bulldog, it wouldnt last 10 seonds with X-terminator.

    The other predictions I do agree, though its much more likely that Tornado will face Gravity, and I think it will then beat it. X-terminator then trashes Bulldog to win through too.

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    Well your entitle to your opinions but in all honesty I dont agree. (Well, I know that obvious)

    Tornado gets flipped constantly, certainly in previous series, so agression will be a big factor and a few flips should do the trick.

    TTT? Well it couldnt do it to Infernal Contraption, HARD or Kat 3 and its the most recent version thats in the warzone!

    TAN wouldnt lat 10 seconds, I beg to differ. One hold and it will be about 3 SECONDS before mr XT iis down the pit.

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