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Thread: Curious...

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    Hi all.

    I was just watching this weeks Episode (HeatN) nsaw in the coming
    nex week bit a machine of peculiar interest to me...

    ...its got spherical wheels of calor style, a cutting disc and a
    wedgey bit at the back - now, unless Stingers grown sum steel or we
    wos kidnapped, re-modelled and entered into Series7 wivout my
    knowledge im at a curious loss!

    - if anyone knows owt about wots gotta be The Last of
    the Axle Bots ild be sorta interested to find out too...

    All the best every1&fanx in anticipation,

    - Dig.

    Ps - Hope they won one

    PPs - Dont suppose they did though... :sad:

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    it wasnt stinger no, i believe it was called xenomorph. Looked very nice and at the time it didnt remind me of stinger but now you mention it. Ive got a picture ill dig out sometime and put it onto my profile

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    Hi Chaps, thanx for your comments - (i guess!)

    Xenomorph eh? - Yes Gary, i wunt mind looking at a pic if you have 1...

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    its on my profile now

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    Cheers Gary...

    ...Um. Thats the one -Not quite wot i had in my minds eye tho...

    ...Still,guess ill cheer it along come sunday. Oh!, and your goodself of course!

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