Welcome to tfirst ever review done solely on the FRA forum. I miss the old forum already:sad:



Melee 1

Spawn Again immediately chased down Chip, probably because they thought it was the most dangerous there. Anyway, they got a slight hit from the disc and threw them out easily enough. Meanwhile ROTAS had managed to disable Neater Machine with a hit and a flip, so it was just a formal battle between Span and Revenge which Neater Machine was counted out.

Melee 2

The new Executioner looks VICIOUS! And I say that with a capital vicious... Wait, I just did. Meh. On the other hand, they seemed to have trouble getting that spinning blade to actually hit their targets. It certainly hit Topbot though, flipping it with one hit and discembowling it with another! Raging Knightmare was obviously having flipper trouble, but showed willing while Topbot, after losing their blade... Ran off. Psychos head coming off was a good laugh though. ROCS also showed willing.

Now... WHY did Psycho hit Executioner? It wasnt in the CPZ!! Had it broken down? If so, dont the viewers deserve to KNOW about this beforehand? Stupid editing.

World champs

Terror Turtle got one attack after lots of dodging... Drove up snakebites wedge... Snakebite used Razeresque tactics and got rid of Terror Turtle. Really these fights are getting boring. Often it seems the winner is never in any doubt.

ROCS vs spawn Again

Spawn Again was well on top for most of the fight, but ROCS was staying in there... Then they managed to get behind Spawn and trap it in a CPZ wherupon... Killalot cut their hydrullic line and not only meant they couldnt clamp Spawn to get rid of it, but also couldnt self right when flipped again. Stupid house robots.

Raging Knightmare ve Revenge of Trouble and Strife
Raging Knightmare was very much the agressor in this fight, but couldnt seem to get Revenge over. However, a pipe burst on Trouble, allowing Knightmare to tip it over at last. Good aggresion and attacks by both machiens make this... fight of the night.

Raging Knightmare vs Spawn Again

Over too quick for my liking... The initial few flips had me thinking Yeah, this is gonna be a nice even flipper fest, possibly going to the judges. Instead Spawns reliablity comes back to haunt them and their flipper explodes. Meh. Well done to Raging Knightmare anyway

First time...

Spawn Again failed to make the semies

Spawn Agains reliability is exploited

Raging Knightmare make the semies

A robot balances perfectly on the fence

Spawn gets flipped OOTA.

Somebodie€™s weapon explodes

...Lot of firsts tonight, eh?