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Thread: Does a wooty review mean the woot reviews, or the woot is re

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    Watch the video carefully, we were actually pushed in by Dominator II.

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    Poor Spawnly.

    But with a 80% rate of getting into the semis, it is still the best, with Firestorm (80%)

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    That will probably be
    Tough as Nails

    Tornado v Gravity-Possibly Gravity
    X-Terminator v TAN- I think X-Terminator
    TAN v Tornado-Very Hard i think Tornado
    Gravity v X-Terminator-Problems with x-terminators self righter will lead to gravity
    TAN v Gravity-Gravity
    X-Terminator v Tornado-Is X terminators weapon to high i think Tornado

    They should have used Melees

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    Sounds like a fascinating semi. Id say that Tornado will easily out-push raging knightmare, Gravity will flip Dantomkia quickly out, X-terminator will beat St.Agro by battering it to death, and Bulldog Breed will beat TAN in a close fight.

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    sorry frank i just stopped laughing hahaha Mike Lambert out drive someone? lol good one frank :P

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