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Thread: Heat N Review

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    ...erm...Andy? Ive know that ROCS meant Radio Operated Combat System since its first appearance in S2 (rewatched its Heat last week)

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    thats why you dont use a LP ram on HP syatem but I take it they will change there system any way

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    Oops, my first post & it didnt seem to work. Oh well, Ill try again.

    Mike, in answer to your post, our scoop got bent when we hit Raging Knightmare head on. From then on it acted like a bumper, keeping our weapon away from the other robots, very frustrating. We had a weapon that was working fine, but we just couldnt use it. Was it us that knocked Mr Psychos head off? Unfortunately the camera was the wrong side of Mr P. to see who hit him.

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