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Thread: Disgraceful

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    Tonights heat showed what is, in my opinion, the best and the worst of Robot Wars.

    On one hand, we had hilarious and unexpected events such as Topbots disk being hurled across the arena by the Executioner, or Spawns ram exploding. A pretty undignified exit, impaling itself on the arena wall, then being perched on the barrier, before being flipped out.

    Its shame, however, to see fights being won simply because a machine breaks down. In the second melee, the Executioner was by far the most agressive and damaging, before drifting to a halt. The winners of the heat simply drove in circles around the arena.

    At least, this is how it seems. The editing of the show is so pisspoor that shots of the audience or the back of peoples heads makes up at least a third of every fight.

    The competitors are just fodder, theyve put months of works and lots of money into their machines, only to be rubbished as wannabe wrestlers. Whats happened to Craig? Gone is the humour and common touch from the earlier series. Now hes hopping about like a ape on crack, screaming about carnage.

    Ther is so much potential in this show. This is in no way the fault of the roboteers, but the show is simply BORING. A real disappointment.

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    One example of mega-editing is teh infernal contraption fight. They must have spent ages editing out every single amazing thing IC did its such a shame, people who weretn at teh filming have missed out on alot

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