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Thread: An eggscellent heat, reviewed. Wootily.

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    Yes, because whe are fans of elvis and Pulverizer didnt got throught the qualifier.

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    You will have to wait a bit for the story to unfold later in the series....

    Also, we hadnt desided on a team outfit....

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    Pullveriser was a neat piece of gear. Not many decent vertical spinners around.

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    He was very unlucky during the qualifications... normally Pullverizer is just about the most reliable robot in the Netherlands (there is the reason why it is the ruling Dutch Champion) but in the arena it suddenly would not respond anymore (which was frustrating because for once I was allowed to operate its weapon). Additional to that Robo Chicken was in the same qualifier fight suffering also from RX related problems so we thought is was interference. Especially because when I activated the weapon Robo Chicken would respond to it.
    Back in the camping we may have found a second reason: his transmitter was behaving oddly.
    So we will never know for sure...

    Concerning the t-shirts: they had ordered a large batch and sold them to live event visitors and roboteers, in fact they are of extremely good quality and pleasing to the eye. That is why so many of us were wearing them, plus for one other reason that I will not betray right now. It was an insiders joke.

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    Most of the foreign machines, with the exception of Splinter and Ansgar, made it into the main competition didnt they?

    Its fantastic to see how these bots have come on. Reliable, violent and inventive.

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    Whatever happened to the German robot Blackhole? That was very dangerous in the arena.

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    That team gave up robotwars about 6 months ago.
    I think theyve sold everything.

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    Thats a crying shame....that was one real mean robot!!

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