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Thread: Heat M - Controversial?

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    for an extreme close-up of the scratch the chicken made look trough the pictures on my site:
    under fotos (photos)
    sorry havnt upgraded to a bilingual site yet.

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    I feel for Adam and co, I am also surprised that Mentorn even mentioned the teams dislike of the action This is a sad time in Robotic Combat history, the sooner Battlebots comes back the better!

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    Why dont Mentorn get a load of mini HRs built for the featherweight events? That should stop this sort of thing having such a major effect. Would look quite funny seeing a mini Kilalot running around too!

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    Just seen the episode and for one moment I didnt want to go on with viewing as I was completely disgusted by it all. This was even lower than wat the HRs did with Beefcake a few years back...

    Adam leaving the control booth was very understandable and from my point of view the best action any roboteer has done while the cameras were filming. Again, good luck with getting the compensation Adam & team...

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    Yeah i agree this heat was quite controversial. Beating up tiny robots is bang out of order and compensation must be given, as vital components were damaged (see rules). I hope Mute gets the chance to take its revenge soon on the part of micro mute on those dirty house robots
    Also i agreee that the final judges decision was slightly odd. Yes TAN did come back into it but surely, oh say, 5 or 6 good flips is enough to do it? Plus the chicken did do some extreme damage, when something big was totally ripped off TAN. This should have counted for more. Plus, bear in mind that throwing a robot high into the air also does count as damage.
    Oh well entertaining heat all round, standards of foreign robots and chickens seem to have risen a lot this year.

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    George, the bit thing ripped of TAN was a 4mm thick polycarb plate 4 cm wide and about 90 cm long, mounted as aerial support.It wasnt even visible when checking for battledamage.
    A non damaging flip counts as agression, ripping the armour counts af battle damage, getting more points for that.

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    Ah, i see. Nevertheless, a good heat. P.S. If anyone listened to Londons Heart 106.2 a few days back at about 8 in the morning they would heard DJ Jono Coleman talking about Robot Wars, thanks for the publicity Jono!

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    Does this mean the end of the Mute team in Robot Wars?

    I hope not, your machines are great. The self-righting abilty of Mute reminds me of, well T-Minus but not quite as high as El Matador, maybe next year eh

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